Having faulty products delivered to customers can seriously injure brand credibility and lead to customer churn. Choosing the software testing partner, especially with testing in an  outsourcing model, is pivotal to the product’s success or detrimental downfall.

This QA outsourcing guide to selecting a software testing partner has comprehensive insights on the various features and specifics a QA partner must possess to help businesses make informed decisions.

Choosing the right software testing partner

Before landing on the software testing partner, project managers and business leaders must know the options available for QA testing. Here are some checkpoints to consider before hiring a QA partner.

Freelancing or Outsourcing?

Freelancing QA gives businesses access to experts for both long-term and short-term goals. Although hiring a freelancer can seem less expensive than other methods, the process can take longer and more challenging to find a qualified and dedicated freelancer with the necessary requirements to deliver software testing solutions. 

Outsourcing QA to a software testing firm is when a business is in partnership with a QA testing business with the necessary team size, tools, and resources to carry out various types of QA testing projects. Most QA testing firms can cater to full-stack QA testing requirements and are already established with experts. Based on the QA testing needs, businesses can crack a deal by negotiating terms for the project and the suitable costs.

Manual or Automated Testing?

In manual QA testing, the QA engineer interacts with the software by manually exploring the interface to find errors or bugs. In automated QA, the QA specialist builds test scripts that can assess the software with the help of various tools. 

Manual testing is best suited for small projects or those that are dynamic in nature. Such projects need varying tools and validation for testing. 

Automated testing can be possible for big projects that require a high level of accuracy or those that can take a long time and extensive effort when tested manually.

What is the Scope of the Project?

Understanding what type of QA testing has to be performed can help narrow down where to start. 

Primarily, understand why the business needs a QA engineer. Listing down the tasks a QA tester must perform will help businesses understand what type of software testing engineer they must hire for the project. 

Secondly, estimate how much testing has to be done. This will help businesses know how many QA analysts must be hired. Taking this up with the development team can give a complete idea of the extent of testing that must be done and the number of resources necessary to carry them out efficiently.

6 Qualities To Look For in a Software Testing Partner

Once all the QA testing needs are established, businesses can begin shortlisting software testing partners. When it comes to QA outsourcing, there are 6 main factors that are pivotal in choosing the right partner.

Vendor Security

QA testing involves two parties sharing highly confidential data and information. This requires both parties to maintain safe and secure platforms for both exchanges of data and for carrying out the QA testing activities. Businesses must evaluate the security levels of QA testing teams before making a decision.

Industry Knowledge and Domain Expertise

A QA testing firm must not only be established in the field and have adequate expertise on the subject matter. They must also possess advanced knowledge and skills in the specific domain and testing techniques to ensure that QA testing is flawless and accurate. Ensure that QA teams are certified and have the necessary experience to perform QA testing for the products for enhanced product delivery and the software to meet industry standards.

Peer Reviews

Ratings on QA credible platforms and client testimonials of shortlisted QA testing firms can help businesses understand the credibility of the firm, their commitment to quality, and timely deliveries. Businesses can refer to peers and rating platforms to verify QA testing firms and their performance.

Communication Efficiency

Ensure that QA testing teams have well-established communication silos in place to enable collaboration between themselves and with their clients. This not only guarantees efficient communication but also aids record-keeping and maintaining confidentiality and safe data exchange.

Value for Money

It is necessary that QA software testing firms reflect their costs to quality product delivery. Businesses must learn how QA teams perform their tasks and the tools and technology used to deliver bug-free products to end-users. This helps businesses understand that QA specialists can produce ROI once launched in the market. 

How QAonCloud can increase ROI with QA Outsourcing

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