Smart TV Application Testing Services

QAonCloud provides complete testing services for Smart TV applications, providing the highest level of quality and performance for your Smart TV applications.

The development of smart TV applications has become an investment ground for many content providers and media companies. Although this is new territory, the development and testing phases are challenging. Due to the availability of different Smart TV devices and operating systems, testing functionality and interoperability can be difficult.
QAonCloud's smart TV app testing solution is the most effective way to ensure your app's success. Our comprehensive services guarantee the highest quality performance and reliability for your app. Our end-to-end testing services assist in identifying errors in the smart TV application and enhance the user experience and usability.


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QAonCloud Smart TV Automation Testing Services

Streaming Device Testing

Enabling users to experience seamless Smart TV streaming on various devices and platforms without glitches or crashes.

For Smart TV Manufacturers

Helping build platform-agnostic apps compatible with all Smart TVs. Test features with the "Dektec" playout plugin and perform Black box testing to guarantee high-quality apps.

For Smart TV Developers

Offer user interface testing to verify consistency across devices, platforms, and models. Ensure that the app performs seamlessly across all the platforms and TV operating systems.

For Smart TV Operators

Evaluates the entire Smart TV ecosystem and meet consumer configurations of Smart TV in conjunction with other devices (web, mobile, STB). We test overall app performance and user experience and ensure that the app supports all content, including DRM-protected content.

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Why Choose QAonCloud ?

QAonCloud testing experts are trained specialists in testing Smart TV apps. We employ leading experts on our projects to deliver apps with high functionality, performance and compatibility across various platforms and devices.

Industry Expertise

We use real smart devices that run on different operating systems and with different screen resolutions.

Testing on real Devices.

We prioritise test coverage for Smart TV Apps with
high-quality testing solutions. Our test experts evaluate every aspect of the smart TV app to identify errors.

100% Test Coveraget

We have a wide array of testing tools, including automation tools and resources to work efficiently on specific Smart TV App testing requirements. Our experts are trained and experienced to work with advanced tools to guarantee the best results.

Access to advanced Tools and Resources

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