Customers today expect to have a smooth, fast and straightforward shopping experience on E-Commerce platforms. As online consumers get savvier and intolerant of haphazard shopping experiences, E-commerce business owners must provide user-friendly e-commerce solutions, show impeccable performance, and remain reliable.

QAonCloud helps eCommerce businesses boost customer satisfaction rapidly by guaranteeing platform quality with innovative Quality Analysis strategies and technology. Leverage our QA testing services and avoid downtime, clumsy UI, poor aesthetics, or retarded app performance and app crashes.

Perks of QA testing for E-Commerce

QAonCloud Software testing services help E-Commerce Businesses seize the opportunity with high-quality e-commerce websites that are secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performing deliverables.

Higher customer engagement and retention

More significant profits with an increased success rate

Bug-free user experience

Optimize performance, functionalities, and usability

QAonCloud E-Commerce Application Testing Services

Functional Testing

Load Testing

Regression Testing

Usability Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Payment Gateway Testing

Mobile Testing

Performance Testing

Functional Testing

Complete assessment of app functionalities
  • Ensure seamless integrations

  • Front-end and back-end analysis

  • Validate application functionalities

  • Enhance app interface by eliminating bugs and glitches

  • Verify the app backend to prevent crashes and blockers.

Load Testing

Ensure that the app is sustainable in case of a surge in customers
  • Perform conditional analysis

  • Analyze app performance in different environments and high load situations

  • Provide load test reports to enhance app speed

Regression Testing

Ensure smooth launch of updates and software modifications
  • Identify errors or glitches

  • Strategize bug fixes to enhance software performance

  • Assess new code implementation and app performance

Usability Testing

Assess software’s user interface and record customer experience
  • Build customer-centric solutions

  • Evaluate customer behavior for increased success rates

  • Implement real-time data of user patterns to optimize the deliverables

Cross Browser Testing

QA testing of E-Commerce site across various browsers
  • Assess code stability and compatibility with other browsers

  • Test, speed, load, and functionalities of the E-Commerce site

  • Provide software performance reports in respective browsers

Payment Gateway Testing

Assess the performance, security, and integrations of payment gateways
  • Boost the safety payment portal and user details

  • Guarantee a seamless integration for better UX

  • Assess payment gateway to help increase success rates

  • Verify third-party integrations for smooth transactions

Mobile Testing

Deploy mobile applications with QAonCloud with rich features and excellent UI/UX.
  • Testing on real devices, emulators, and simulators

  • Validation services across browsers and platforms

  • Mobile Test Automation for faster test cycles

  • User-centric test strategies for maximum customer satisfaction

  • Load testing to optimize app speed and capacity

  • Customized test plans for efficient test cycles

Performance Testing

Our Ecommerce Testing strategy includes performance testing for a pleasant user experience
  • open-source/COTS toolsets

  • Custom workload characteristics

  • Performance exercises for various conditions

  • Seasonal load fluctuations

  • Upgrades and modifications.

Why Choose QAonCloud for E-Commerce?

End to end software testing services from functionality and integration to security and performance.

We provide our clients with experienced and skilled QA testers, QA analysts, delivery managers, and QA Lead for every project.

Robust communication silos are implemented to increase efficiency, collaboration, and transparency.

Get periodic reports on app performance and bug fixes with complied details and accurate data.

Strategic testing and efficient processes implemented by QA Teams ensure that your e-commerce platform reaches the market on time.

Get testing services for various devices and platforms by expert teams with the latest technology and proven QA testing methods.

QAonCloud helps businesses save costs by ensuring that apps are launched with high-quality and enhanced user interfaces.


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See more on how QAonCloud enhanced Tokopedia’s E-Commerce platform

Tokopedia needed to enhance its rapidly growing peer-to-peer E-Commerce platform. They were looking for a scalable and reliable partner to improve the quality of their digital applications.

QAonCloud stepped in and devised a custom plan to enhance their fast-paced releases and accelerated growth. We verified over 1000 defects and 400 crashes through several test cycles. Tokopedia now has a 21% reduction in crashes with 95% accepted bugs.

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