Telecom software and applications are a compiled package of numerous integrations across various platforms, telecom networks, intricate billing systems, reliability, interoperability, and revenue assurance. These integrations require a high level of quality assurance before launching to the market.

QAonCloud has worked with several businesses in this niche with their expert. Our teams perform comprehensive QA testing on the various sophistication of the telecom applications with solutions to help enterprises deliver excellence to their end-users.

Perks of QA Testing for Communication

Functional testing ensures the application is fully functional as per the requirements

Eliminating bugs and glitches

Ensures seamless integrations of both frontend and backend

Improves loading time and overall app capabilities

Guarantees security and privacy of user data

Provides robust third-party integrations for a seamless UI/UX

QAonCloud Telecom Software Testing Services

Functional Testing

Mobile testing

Regression testing

Performance testing

Data testing

Integration testing

Security Testing

Automation testing

Functional Testing

Complete assessment of app functionalities
  • Assess every function for smooth performance

  • Identify potential risks or issues

  • Ensure seamless integration of both front end and back end

Mobile testing

Ensure that the app is sustainable in case of a surge in customers
  • Evaluate the app’s functionality for every mobile release

  • Check the functionality in various real and virtual mobile devices

  • Assess app performance on different platforms

  • Ensure superior mobile versions for higher customer engagement

Regression testing

Ensure smooth launch of updates and software modifications
  • A complete regression cycle for every app release

  • Retesting every bug fix and its related functionalities

  • Test coverage on more widely used devices and resolutions

Performance testing

Complete assment of app functionalities
  • Assess the app performance under various loads

  • Measure loading speed and run time

  • Enhance overall app performance to meet customer needs

Data testing

QA testing of E-Commerce site across various browsers
  • Ensure high-quality data in the app backend and front end

  • Screen schemas, tables, and other data for vulnerabilities

  • Test if all functions give positive outcomes.

Integration testing

Assess the performance, security, and integrations of payment gateways
  • Frontend and backend integration assessment

  • Ensure seamless integration of third-party platforms

  • Assess code for gaps and amplify app security

  • Enhance app performance by eliminating glitches and bugs during integration

Security Testing

Deploy mobile applications with QAonCloud with rich features and excellent UI/UX.
  • Ensure security for in-app data

  • Maintain the privacy of user data

  • Ensure strong integrations of third-party payment platforms

Automation testing

Deploy mobile applications with QAonCloud with rich features and excellent UI/UX.
  • Automate the basic functionalities and regression test cases

  • Execute and enhance the automation scripts for every app release

  • Faster execution cycles and more test coverage

Why Choose QAonCloud for Telecommunications?

QAonCloud helps to debug the software using efficient tools to enhance the user interface and increase end-user satisfaction.

QAonCloud ensures that all integrations and coding in the app are firm and solid to prevent breaches or bugs. We scan through schemas, tables, and other data sets within the app code for vulnerabilities and strategize their elimination.

QAonCloud interprets user behaviour on the apps and uses the data to shape app quality. It helps build high-quality software that is customer-centric and greatly enhances user experience.

A simple and fast onboarding process at QAonCloud ensures an added bonus to our clients. By meeting market demands on time and the quick launch of updates and improvements, we help businesses reach their target audience and stay ahead in the market.

We acquire talent at an optimal price with rural outsourcing, to deliver expert services at reasonable prices. QA teams are recruited after intense screening, followed by training by industry experts to deliver high-quality QA testing solutions at cost-saving rates.

You can choose your convenient partnership model to suit your business needs. You can scale up or down based on demand. Our teams can be scheduled to work at your convenient time and are reliable for meeting deadlines and delivering the best at all costs.


No. of Test Cases Executed


No. of Test Scenarios Executed


No. of Defects Logged


No. of Critical Issues / Major crashes


No. of Testcases Automated


No. of TestScripts Designed

Here is how QAonCloud helped IQHive achieve 100% testcoverage for their MVNE platform through Automation Testing

IQHive was looking for a QA partner with an eye-to-detail, who can help them launch fully functional platforms for their customers.

QAonCloud stepped in and devised a strategy that combines both automation and manual testing to reduce the load on the developers. Our teams has identified over 1500 defects and automated more than 400 test cases. IQHive has achieved faster release cycles and accelerated development process.

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