Many event management solutions fail due to delayed updates of events, lack of real-time integration, glitches, slow performance, and frequent downtime. Poor quality software can reduce engagement on the event management apps or event management platforms.

QAonCloud helps bridge this gap by enhancing the overall quality of event planning apps with robust tools and technology for QA testing. Our best in the field qualified teams, and expert analysts are at your disposal to ensure that the app tops user engagement and experience with seamless integrations, secure, solid codes, and impeccable User Interface.

Perks of QA testing for Event Management Application

Help track, record, and manage events easily

Ensure that users and their data are secured

Help to host and attend virtual events in safe and user-friendly

Improve the performance of all functionalities of the platform

Eliminate glitches and bugs that can hinder the experience of the event

QAonCloud Testing Services for Event Management

Functional Testing

Analytics Testing

Usability Testing

Localization Testing

Regression Testing

Mobile Testing

Load Testing

Functional Testing

Complete assessment of app functionalities
  • Monitor, test, and validate app functions at various user levels

  • Ensure quality design and aesthetics

  • Assess integrations and scan codes for gaps or bugs

Analytics Testing

Ensure that the app is sustainable in case of a surge in customers
  • Monitor and report vital analytics

  • Evaluate individual features and make performance reports

  • Enhance app performance based on the detailed reports

Usability Testing

Ensure smooth launch of updates and software modifications
  • Pre-event preparation & practice cycle testing

  • Assure the best user experience with agile testing

  • Use real-time data on user behavior to enhance UX/UI

Localization Testing

Complete assment of app functionalities
  • Manage, and monitor all localization testing

  • Identify unique issues impacting audiences

  • Incorporate demographic specifics to enhance the app’s overall value

Regression Testing

QA testing of E-Commerce site across various browsers
  • A complete regression testing of the application before every event

  • Focus on the significant features like ticketing and attending events

  • A quick check on the bugs fixed in the earlier cycles

Mobile Testing

Assess the performance, security, and integrations of payment gateways
  • Ensure that app features are compatible with mobile phones

  • Assess every functionality and its compatibility with the diverse OS.

  • Use cutting-edge technology to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Load Testing

Deploy mobile applications with QAonCloud with rich features and excellent UI/UX.
  • Assess if the app can operate under sudden surge.

  • Enhance app performance by securing a quality code.

  • Increase app speed with proven methods for enhanced UX.

Why Choose QAonCloud for Event Management?

We offer dedicated teams with extensive domain and workflow knowledge for all our projects. We recruit delivery managers, QA testers, and analyst teams through immense screening followed by training that devises the perfect testing strategy.

Experts at QAonCloud have worked with diverse projects and have incurred deep knowledge of successes and recipes for failure. It gives us a competitive edge to help our clients with proven methods and technologies to guarantee the success of deliverables.

We understand that event management solutions must be cutting edge and convenient. We help clients boost software value with insights and analysis of the industry. It helps us develop competitive solutions that last in the market and lead to higher profits.

An app is only as good as its code. To ensure that the app and its functionality are flawless, QAonCloud uses an invasive approach to identify potential threats. QA testers also help validate the user interface and its impact on customer experience.


No. of Test Cases Executed


No. of Test Scenarios Executed


No. of Defects Logged


No. of Critical Issues / Major crashes


No. of Testcases Automated


No. of TestScripts Designed

See more on how QAonCloud enhanced Venzi’s Event Management Software

Venzi required a comprehensive test coverage of the event management software and needed a QA testing partner who could perform regression testing before every event to guarantee a higher user experience.

QAonCloud delivered tremendous benefits to Venzi by enhancing the software quality and end-user experience with quick test cycles. QAonCloud detected 750+ bugs and 100+ major issues detected by executing more than 25+ Regression testing Cycles for Venzi.

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