Test automation has become an integral component of the modern software development and testing process. With the increasing client expectations for speed and scale, it is not the time to continue using the legacy software testing processes. It has become essential that the testing and quality assurance function catches up to the current speed and does not become a bottleneck. And for this purpose, you need a faster and more efficient testing process like Scriptless Test Automation that can keep up with the agile software development.

Test Automation can be your perfect solution

In the big bang world of software testing, automated testing has always been in the limelight because of obvious reasons like reduced cost, fast and convenient testing process, and more.

Most organizations lean on a plethora of automated testing tools to achieve these objectives but;

  • Are these tools competent enough to maximize the ROI of your organization?

  • Is the tool approach right for automated testing services?

  • Why is your go-to-market time not stepping up?

The answer to all these queries lies in adapting the “Scriptless Test Automation” because the core of agile testing lies in the management of the scripts built for test automation. With every small change in the product, the script-based test automation framework has to be updated while considering all the practical implications. Ultimately, this requires more effort, time, and project investments.

A well-functioning test automation framework requires regular maintenance of the test automation scripts. A test script is a code written to provide automatic testing instructions on a user interface. Managing these scripts is the most challenging aspect of test automation and also one of the biggest reasons why test automation fails in most organizations.

How about going scriptless and still enjoy the test automation?

Adapting the revolutionary Scriptless Test Automation technique can work wonders for your agile testing process by adding high speed, convenience, and simplicity. It tremendously shrinks the need for test scripts to run automated test cases that make it an ideal alternative to traditional test automation.

What is Scriptless Test Automation?

The scriptless process is all about reducing the time to write the test scripts and shifts the whole focus on the validation of business logic. It is a flexible test automation framework that reduces the manual intervention into coding and runs automated test cases behind the scenes. Testers can simply indicate the steps rather than writing the codes, and the scriptless framework can translate those steps into test cases.

As a result, scriptless test automation enables your organization to efficiently scale up testing and QA processes while reducing the time expended to understand and write the code, accelerating the time-to-market for releases. This test automation approach will help your organization reduce the time and effort needed to ensure quality, speed, and ease within the agile testing process.

Overall, scriptless test automation makes the testing process simpler, more understandable, easier to use and optimizes testing automation efforts.

Why Adopt a Scriptless Framework for Test Automation?

✓ This approach does not require thorough technical knowledge and programming skills, and therefore, resolves the challenge related to the shortage of skilled resources.

✓ It simplifies the process of creating test scripts, automation of test case designing, validation, and execution to make the test automation approach robust and scalable.

✓ The test cases are reusable and easy to maintain with scriptless test automation.

✓ Automate and accelerate the test scripting and designing process, thereby adding speed and convenience to the overall software development and testing process.

✓ It can work parallel to the development process, and therefore, the testing and QA do not become a bottleneck in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

✓ It has minimum coding requirements, which means business stakeholders can also participate positively in the QA process and offer valuable reviews to enhance the product quality.

Leverage Scriptless Test Automation with QAonCloud

With extensive experience in test automation, we specialize in manual and automated testing solutions for organizations of all sizes globally. We helped many organizations to reduce their test cycle time by implementing a customized Scriptless Test Automation framework. Our clients have gained enormous benefits such as increased release velocity, reduced time to market & overall testing effort, resulting in maximized ROI of the organization.

QAonCloud has a highly competent workforce and an excellent pool of qualified professionals to provide full-fledged testing solutions across all industries. Our test automation framework is a proven, tool-agnostic, and independent testing solution designed for automating complex business processes in the best possible ways.

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