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Why QAonCloud

“A proven approach to test your software applications.”

Software industry leaders have found out that using either crowdsourced or outsourced companies for testing their application is not the best way to get results. While crowdsourced companies assign inexperienced testers that change frequently and develop no deep knowledge of the app, traditional outsourcing companies rely on inflexible models and lack of application testing experience.

QAonCloud’s approach is an evolution of both approaches, borrowing the best of both worlds. We assign knowledgeable testers who stay with you and develop deep application knowledge while borrowing the flexibility of crowdsourced models. We rely on fast communication, quick turn around times, and speed of onboarding to ensure a faster go to market with your app. Coupled with our fully managed or jointly managed testing approaches, we are the best way to get your app tested.

Fully Managed

With the Fully-Managed option, we are your quality team. Your QAonCloud team consisting of the QA manager, QA architect, and QA testers become part of your team and extend your product team remotely. Your QA manager and QA architect partners with you to design your test strategy and prepare the testing plan for your application along with a plan for functional and non-functional testing requirements, automation testing, and regression testing involved for each cycle of release.

  • The QA manager joins your daily scrum calls and takes on the product roadmap, collects the application requirements, and passes on to the testing team for test case writing and preparation. Your QA manager also communicates often with your product head to keep them abreast of progress as well as informs you of any issues discovered which helps you to meet the deadlines.
  • The QA testers are your extended QA team who learn about your application and with every release cycle develop more product knowledge. They are dedicated to your team so they stay with you for the duration of the account and soon becomes in-house experts on your application.
  • And with QAonCloud team, you would never have to worry about the security of your code or the IP of your application. All our testers are vetted with background checks and they are our employees so provide a significantly higher level of protection to your intellectual property than random crowdsourced testers.

Together they combine the best elements of traditional outsourcing and crowdsourcing to give you the best of both worlds at a really low cost.

Fully managed testing team - QAonCloud
Jointly managed software testers

With the Jointly-Managed option, the team at QAonCloud extends your in-house quality team. This is ideal when you have an in-house team of testers however are looking for options to expand it further. With this option, you get fast and immediate onboarding of qualified and vetted testers to your team who stay with your team and with time become in-house experts of your application. And with the QAonCloud team, you would never have to worry about the security of your code or the IP of your application. All our testers are vetted with background checks and they are our employees so provide a significantly higher level of protection to your intellectual property than random crowdsourced testers. Our team would help you write, review, and execute the existing test cases as well as new test cases for new features and functionalities of the app. We can also help you write test cases for existing features of the app that are not fully covered yet. Together, we work as one team with the same common agenda, to deliver the best customer experience for your application users by ensuring no bugs. Our QA manager would still manage the QAonCloud testers, attend your daily scrum calls, and work with the QA architect to solve any technical challenges as needed. Together they combine the best elements of traditional outsourcing and crowdsourcing to give you the best of both worlds at a really low cost.

Product Mindset

Product mindset refers to the idea of extracting information about what the customer want from a product without them stating directly or exactly this thing, eventually ending up with a product they are happy with.

Your QAonCloud team comes with a fully trained product mindset that helps them add value to the engagement from Day 1. Rather than having a service mindset and just acting as mere executant of test cases, they wear the product mindset hats and try to deeply understand the product. That in turn helps them get a feel of how people are going to use the product and test it accordingly. This helps to uncover product bugs that may be obscure but fatal to the workflow.

The product mindset of our testers help with the negative testing of your application, i.e. to see what happens if your app is not used as its intended. This often helps us uncover bugs that are almost impossible to catch before application release and reduces surprise from the wild.

Along with the testers, the QA manager and QA architect all embodies this principle and ends up delivering a superior experience for your customers.

Our experts know about the product mindset of customers

“QAonCloud beautifully integrates the QA outsourcing process. It is a transparent and reliable process that lets you focus on getting prompt delivery of QA results.”

Shalini Gupta 

Engineering Manager, Red Black Tree

Speed To Market
Quick to market without any delay from our experts

For your QAonCloud team, speed to market starts from the very first time you contact us, with a streamlined contract process. We can usually start working with you within a couple of days and assign you a team of qualified testers to work with. This is followed by a fast on-boarding. We quickly go through the application demos and the vast experience of our testers ensure that they develop your application by understanding faster.

Your QAonCloud team works with you as your partner and ensures that there is no time lost in the process. We work with you from the very beginning of your devlopment sprints to make sure that we are cognizant of your new features and start developing our test cases right away.

Once the development team completes their work, we work across multiple platforms for your code, ensuring that it gets tested in parallel, to ensure the most optimum time usage.

We always adhere to your schedule, including fast onboarding, to make sure that you hit your deadlines and your app release is on schedule.

Coupled with a fast turn around time, regression testing, and automation testing to speed up the process where needed, we are the best option to test your application.

Secure And Vetted Teams


  • Firewall protection
  • High bandwidth connectivity 
  • Secured Network
  • Power backup

People Control

  • Rigorous hiring process
  • Monitoring using CCTV
  • Background verified
  • Identity cards in use

Physical Security

  • Security guards on site
  • Devices are securely stored
  • Biometric access
  • Access restriction to floor
IP Protection

We take your IP seriously, that is why your IP rights remain with you. All the deliverables that we create for you belong to you and you own the IP to that. So even if you decide to leave us in the future, you don’t lose anything and you take all test cases and other documents created along with you.

  • All deliverables belong to you.
  • Your application and idea are protected through NDA.
  • All your testers are our employees and they sign their own NDA. They are also vetted through a rigorous process.
  • We do only black-box testing accessing your code or data.
  • Our testers only access your app through a secured environment.
IP protection for better security

“QAonCloud helped us set up and formalize our testing from scratch and helped us deliver a great product to our first customers. Thanks for the great work!”

Greg Adams

CEO, Stabilitas

Cost Effective
Cost effective service without compromising on the quality

QAonCloud works on an innovative model called rural shoring. We believe in the cliche, talent is universally distributed but the opportunity isn’t. We search for the best talent in the rural parts of India and train them to be world-class while working from Tier-3/4 cities in India. That enables us to pay them at higher than prevalent market wages. while still substantially lower than similar talent in Tier-1 cities in India resulting in significant cost savings. We pass on this cost saving to you, our customers, enabling us to offer our services at an extremely low cost. We do this without compromising on our quality or delivery or world-class talent.

Fully Flexible

At QAonCloud, we are your testing partners. And like any true partner, we understand that your testing needs change with time. Launching a big new feature for your app? You will need to ramp us your testing capabilities to ensure that every major aspect of the new feature is tested, both for functional and non-functional aspects, and thorough regression testing is done on the previous features to ensure nothing else has been impacted by adding the new feature. Once the new feature addition is done, you may want to scaled-down your testing team as you only need a minimal team to keep testing features and fix small releases. QAonCloud makes that perfectly possible for you.

  • Scale up or down your team at any time.
  • No long term contracts, so you are fully flexible.
  • Better than building your in-house team as you can’t scale it up or down based on your needs.
  • No hiring and onboarding woo for you. We can start immediately, saving you months in hiring time.
  • Scale the team with your testing needs, not based on static contracts.
Fully flexible software testing partner
Dedicated Teams
Our experienced QA testers

At QAonCloud, we believe that to do a good job, the tester needs a thorough understanding of your app. Hence we assign dedicated testers to your project, along with dedicated QA managers and architects so that the team you are working with have a through understanding of your application, unlike crowdsourcing. Why go with a set of testers today and another one in the next month? Valuable knowledge about your app is lost between such teams. Hence at QAonCloud, your team stays with you as long as you stay with us.

With time, your team members become valuable knowledge hubs of your team and have as much application knowledge, if not more, as your in-house team. That enables the sixth sense in app testing, kind of knowing unconsciously what is correct behavior and what is not, resulting in accurate and fast test cycles.

“QAonCloud are fantastic testing partners. They are diligent, pragmatic, and lovely to work with. They gel perfectly with our agile way of working and always happy to recommend better ways of doing things. Could not recommend them highly enough.”

Toby Hunt

Chief Product Officer, Connectworxs

Your Testing Partner

Together we achieve the quality of confidence.

QAonCloud is an ideal partner that strives for your success. Dedicated teams, continuous testing, constant feedback, sign-off on releases, and experienced testers make you feel it’s your team.

Partnering with QAonCloud lets you choose our offerings that best suit your business needs. We help you maximize your business goals with our wide range of world-class service offerings.

We build a trust-based partnership with our clients which makes them stay with us over years.

The ideal testing partner - QAonCloud
Works At Your Schedule
Works at your schedule to provide better results

QAonCloud gives you dedicated architects and delivery managers who manage all aspects of your project and works on your schedule to offer you a seamless experience.

We follow a customer-centric approach that maximizes the quality of your application within a short period of time. Our team of highly experienced practitioners incubates new capabilities and ways of working to generate the best results for you to grow your business.

Quality Of Testers

Our employees love what they do. We heavily scrutinize our applicants and get them through a rigorous training process so you get only the best. Our testers are carefully selected, experienced, and very well trained. Along with the architect and delivery managers, we seek out the most critical issues that make or break your application.

Quality of software testers - QAonCloud

“QAonCloud is 40% more cost-effective than other options, the bugs also helped us make design optimization. The team has shown tremendous ownership, has done flawless delivery, and is a very quick learner.”

Donald Le,

Tech Director, Global Care, AOL

Outplay Crowdsourcing

Even though crowdsourcing has become popular nowadays, it has its downside as well. Quality is always a questionable factor as the test coverage is the most difficult to guarantee in crowdsourcing. Security and confidentiality are compromised as the testing is done by a large group who may or may not have loyalty to the company.

How QAonCloud Outplays Crowdsourcing?

  • Adapt and embrace new practices and tools.
  • Our skilled testers ensure you a 100% test coverage.
  • Flexible and willing to accommodate your needs.
  • Fully secured locations and 100% IP Protection.
  • Superfast sales and onboarding time.
  • Increased efficiency and No hidden costs.
Outplay Traditional Outsourcing

Traditional outsourcing is very expensive even though they have accounting expertise. One more drawback is that you cannot upsize or downsize the teams which makes it less flexible. Security, IP protection, managed services are possible, but yet very expensive. Also, it takes a longer time to start testing and there is a lack of product mindset.

How QAonCloud Outplays Traditional Outsourcing?

  • We have the account expertise and produce high value at low costs.
  • Flexible to upsize and downsize the teams as needed.
  • The team has the product mind-set and manages end-end services.
  • We ensure you a superfast sales and onboarding time.
  • Fully secured locations and 100% IP protection.
  • Faster lead time to start testing.
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No Pricing Shock, ever
customer was surprised to know that our cost was within their budget

We help you to grow your business, not your costs. Our pricing structure is simple, fair, and no pricing shock, ever. We prepare a plan that’s right for your business and our services are committed to results in improved app quality and compliance standards. QAonCloud’s advanced testing capabilities ensure your job is done on time and within your budget. Our costs are lower than other options in the market. and our transparent communication lets you know what you will pay upfront.

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