Why Outsourcing Software QA Testing Is a Cost Saving Solution

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Is it better to opt for Outsourcing Software QA Testing? Software QA testing is, without a doubt, one of the critical phases in the entire process of any software development project. The users wish to consume more and more content every day, and the businesses have to respond to this craving by constantly boosting their testing activities.

As per a recent survey conducted, we require almost a quarter to half of the total cost of a software project for finding and fixing bugs. Another examination discloses that offshore vendors can save nearly three-fourths of the total in-house expenses involved in the QA and testing function.

The businesses, thus need to continually scale up their QA testing strategies and consider the paradigm-shifting option of outsourcing software QA testing.


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a statistic in which they said that the US-based companies spent around $60 billion on fixing defects involved in the software post-release stage.

They also stated that transferring the QA and testing to a third party can save almost $20 billion.

Let us take a closer look at the reasons why outsourcing software QA testing has become a vital solution for cost savings.


The current economic condition has pushed the organizations to focus on the bottom line of the expenditure spectrum. Business leaders consistently focus on areas that would result in cost reduction and lessen the pressure on top-line revenues.

It is also one of the surest ways for a company to get far in terms of profit creation. To incur lower operational costs, efficient business managers opt for outsourced testing professionals. These skilled experts provide the most trusted and customizable services at the most reasonable prices.

They keep absorbing the high level of fluctuations arising in the software complexity and market demand and ensure timely delivery while keeping your IT budget at its minimum.


As soon as the software products start to reach the end-users, they begin to evaluate it informally. When the customers spot any difficulty while executing, the word about their lousy experience starts to spread fast. And then you will start losing customers, and your revenues start to plummet.

The decision of outsourcing software QA testing can help organizations mitigate this problem as the method of continuous testing employed by the outsourced professionals will surely spot and correct the software anomalies and influence your bottom-line revenues.

Once it becomes evident that you tested your product on all the testing parameters, the market will accept it wholeheartedly.


Smart businesses understand the importance of cost avoidance. They are aware that the problems detected during the later stages of the product development cycle tend to be more expensive. You may end up rewriting the software programs and reestablishing the entire design framework to remove the bottlenecks.

You can avoid the unnecessary costs if you render your tasks to the individuals who are experts at performing extensive groundwork in QA testing. Their customized testing solutions can detect errors at the earliest and provide robust solutions to tackle all the vulnerabilities.

It proves to be a significant factor in favor of outsourcing software QA testing to avoid unnecessary costs.


Training and development of professionals for in-house software testing require resources on a substantial scale. On the other hand, outsourcing software QA and Testing play a significant role in saving the costs of investment. Since the third party is assigned to perform the functions, they are entirely responsible for the cost-cutting and benefits involved. Overall, you manage to achieve the best possible results without getting into the trouble of establishing in-house testing capabilities.


The software testing vendor takes care of the entire investment required for building sophisticated hardware and software to perform testing. This will, in turn, help the organizations easily save their infrastructure cost.

Their advanced cloud-based testing methodologies are capable of being fully automated and smoothly handling all your worries.  


Corporations are experiencing a lot of pressure to thrive in the harsh economic environment prevailing in today’s ecosystem. The field of outsourcing brings enormous opportunities for industries, particularly in the field of software development.

You can increase product quality significantly once you transfer the QA and Testing functions to skilled third-party professionals.

In addition to these factors, businesses can also be made profitable by avoiding the costs involved in post-deployment errors.

So, successful outsourcing initiatives prove out to be the game changers in integrating organizational functions and eliminating budget overruns across projects.

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