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 Do you know that there are some Chrome extension for testing to make your QA easier?


Yes, we know that there are numerous challenges erupting from inability of testers to perform their task effectively including time consumption. But these google chrome extensions for testing can make things easier and increase your productivity in testing.

Extensions are small software programs, which enable the users to customize browser functionality & behavior, as per their preferences. It provides cool features, high functionality, excellent user interface, and a wide variety of extensions for various types of domains, enhances its further abilities. These make the tool powerful for both development and testing community.


The tiny widgets that can be installed on your Chrome browser and help you accomplish your testing objectives are known as Extensions. They take away the tedious work. These are lifesaver tools used for QA Testing, as they assist the testers in increasing their efficiency and make life easy.


Using Chrome Extensions for testing software, can help you to block ads on Web pages, add pages to a third-party bookmark service such as Evernote, or translate text. There are plenty of extensions available in the store for productivity, customization, shopping, games, and more.

But with so many extensions available out there in the Chrome store, it’s quite challenging to choose the best extension that fits the purpose of testing.

Don’t worry! Here we have come up with a list of top useful chrome extensions for Testing software to fuel up things for you which in turn increases your productivity.

Chrome Extensions for Testing Software products

Ghostery is a powerful privacy chrome extension in API testing. This extension blocks ads, stop trackers, & speeds up websites. It uncovers all the trackers on a web page and also provides an option to disable individual trackers. Also, it anonymizes data to protect your privacy.

Postman Chrome Extension for testing API is the go-to tool for testing API requests – particularly RESTful APIs by sending a request to the web server and getting the response back. It is a single, unified tool that has API documentation & integration tests in one place. Also, It helps in conceptualizing the results of the API in action, without  the requirement of writing any code.

    • It allows users to set up all the headers and cookies the API expects and checks the response.
    • It gives the ability to set-up and switches environment variables on the go and also saves you plenty of time. Postman has a low learning curve. Therefore, you can test APIs in lesser time.

Is it a hassle to clear browser cache in chrome browser when you are in the middle of Testing? 

This chrome extension for Testing allows you to clear browser cache from the toolbar. Be it the app cache, downloads, file systems, form data, browsing history, local storage or passwords, this extension allows you to customize which data you want to clear and clear cache for you in a blink.

This is a handy extension, that gives you access to a whole bunch of tools that helps in performing exploratory Testing. Through a right-click on any field of the web application, it brings up a context menu with predefined values such as in emails, names, phone numbers, and postal zip codes. So, when you plan for exploratory Testing, you don’t have to make-up any test values for field value testing. Bug Magnet does it for you. Bug Magnet chrome extension in Testing is a huge time-saver and most of our test experts recommend it. Give it a try!

If you need to identify the name of the fonts used on a webpage, then this extension makes it a child’s play. Hover over the text, and it shows the font name. WhatFont is a simple chrome extension that sticks to its name – easily find fonts on any web page.


This is a tool that provides visual feedback on the accessibility of your web content. This tool injects icons and indicators into your page to find the accessibility. No other automated tool is capable of telling you whether your page is accessible, but the WAVE facilitates individual evaluation and keeps you informed of the accessibility issues. Use this chrome extension for Testing to check if your site and applications are compliant to web accessibility standards.

Screencastify is a screen-recorder extension for Chrome, we could use while Testing. It allows capturing user behavior & activity on any web page as a video that you can share with developers as test evidence.

Talk to our experts today and know more about the chrome extensions we use for our clients.

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