Top 10 Trends In Software Testing To Watch Out For In 2021

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In terms of software testing, the year 2020 had plenty to offer. A big trend this year was artificial intelligence alongside automation. The trends have begun to migrate to new verticals as we head toward 2021. Software testing has been driven to a new stage now by the need to develop quality software.
The trends in Software testing are evolving. You can sense the shift is in the air already. Many Companies/businesses are starting with Agile, DevOps, etc.
Let us discuss where the software testing industry is heading to stay one step ahead in the coming year (2021).

Top Trends In Software Testing Industry - 2021

1. Automation for Mobile App Testing:

We can see a rapid/flourishing growth in the use of handheld devices and apps. There are millions of smartphone applications listed in various play stores with different operating systems today. Also, the development of more and more complex technologies that are capable of handling multiple consumer needs. It requires checking from end-to-end. So, in mobile app testing, the trend of increased automation persists until 2021.

2. Testing IoT (Internet of Things)

With the latest technological advancement, the Internet of Things is getting bigger. The critical focus of the IoT testing will be safety, usability, compatibility with the systems, data integrity, performance, and scalability. According to a survey, IoT is expected to see a significant increase in growth and testing. We cannot ignore the testing of IoT in 2021.

3. Automation for API and Service Test

The use of APIs is increasing every day. QA team has to ensure that the APIs interact well and are operating independently. Test Automation on the API and service level will rise as we go on into 2021.

4. More info/data, better quality product

In Software Testing and Quality Assurance, data plays a vital role. Test teams are now looking for ways to successfully process data into specific observations, validating it against multiple standards such as precision, accuracy, duplication, and completeness. More and more data aims to boost a product’s quality and will undoubtedly be on the rise in 2021.

5. Blend of Manual and Automation Testing

Testing applications without human(manual) testing is insufficient since some things cannot be addressed by automation testing. There has been an increase in automation and the need for automation testers in recent times. Like user experience, usability, design, etc., various aspects cannot be covered by automation. Therefore, when it comes to the Software development process, the balance for manual and automation testing is the testing future. So, the trend for 2021 will be the search for the right balance between manual and automation testing.

6. Robotic Process Automation

As the name implies, it features Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Cognitive Computing. For better process performance, RPA is used to automate data-intensive and repetitive tasks. RPA is undoubtedly going to be something you need to follow in 2021.

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The Davos Economic Forum has declared AI and ML as the trendiest approaches that will become the main drivers of the next industrial revolution. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence implementations are expected to continue throughout the testing industry in the coming year and beyond.

8. Blockchain Testing

For banking, automotive, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is critical. The main goal of Blockchain Testing is to provide the highest level of protection for any economic transaction.

9. Agile & DevOps

In the Software Development industry, Agile and DevOps are trending topics. Most companies noticed Agile and DevOps methodologies’ advantages and used the Agile Framework and DevOps process for software testing. These models allow the tech team to produce high-quality IT products, obtain a quick review, and reach the market more quickly. This trend will stick in 2021, for sure.

10. Key Testing Tools

In the software development process, testing tools play a vital role. In 2021, the use of Open Source tools for software testing will increase.

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