Tester vs Developer: Who can test better?

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Why is the ‘Tester vs Developer battle’ never-ending? The main objectives of testing include verifying and validating the product, finding defects before release and ensuring a quality product. The developers aim at creating the product and developing it to the best of their knowledge. Similarly, the tester aims at ensuring the product design is of good quality.

A mindset reflects an individual’s attitude and way of thinking for a particular issue.

Before we ascertain if a developer can do testing, let us understand the underlying psychology of a software developer.

Why do I have to spend additional money for software testing?

Who can rectify errors better than the developer himself?

Software testing is not very important. Any coders can do software testing.

Software testing is an additional expense for my business.

Well, I’m sure at the end of this article your queries would have been resolved. It would be possible for you to agree a tester can test the application better than the developer himself.

Most of the time, the developers don’t spend their time testing the complete software. They believe that the amount of testing they do is more than enough.



Tester Vs Developer

A developer’s mindset may include some of the elements of a tester’s mindset. But successful developers are often more interested in designing and building solutions than contemplating what might be wrong with those solutions.

In most of the cases, the developers test their application to a certain extent. They can find errors functionally. All developers can do unit testing. Once they find the error, it is easy for them to fix the bug. But the developer finds testing the software as a strenuous job. They don’t put much effort in checking the application in depth.  They are confident enough to skip the bug without testing.

According to the source, more than 50 percent of today’s software is running either with errors, bugs, faults, or defects. Any application with such an output is a failure. It means most of the software in the world is defective. Defects in a software/ an application do not sit well with users and lead to user dissatisfaction. This, in turn, results in poor goodwill and fall in reputation for the business.


When the developer runs an application, he has to ensure if the application runs similarly in other devices as well. For example, when an application is run in Windows the same application might not run in iOS.  A different set of coding might require the developer to run the same software in Windows and iOS devices. The testers break down the errors into separate parts, and then they jot down its relationship step by step.



Every business, whether it is a start-up or an advanced business, will employ a developer to create software for his company. Similarly, it is essential to hire a software tester to test the application before it is used in production.


Testers use different software tools. It makes the process of testing easy. Automation testing detects human errors quickly. The developers manually test the product, which may not work out for most of the testing types. It is always recommended to hire an individual application tester, to find all the loopholes in software.


Testers are an independent third-party who will have a user perspective of the application. Most of the testers try to make the application user-friendly. They will have more in-depth analysis of software. Even a good QA team cannot guarantee a 100% bug-free software. However, an independent tester will ensure that the software is of superior quality, even if all bugs cannot be eliminated.


The developer and the tester should work towards the same goal. The end product is going to be in the hands of the user. So, the motive of the developers and testers should be to satisfy the end users.


Even if you are a smart, self-proclaimed great developer,

You might hate the testing process,

Even though if you’re used to spending months in developing and days in coding and hours in rectifying,

You need a powerhouse for your software. That powerhouse is software testing. It is necessary to understand that developers and testers are two sides of the same coin. It becomes illogical to pursue the concept of a “Tester Vs Developer” battle.

If not for testing, the application might result in a failure, which puts all or most of the development process into waste.

For the desired product, you may need the development process. But for a quality-assured, defect-free, satisfactory product, testing is what we need.

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