One Time Engagement

One Time Engagement

QAonCloud's One Time Engagement Model is quite beneficial for fixed duration projects.

Why One Time Engagement?

Your requirements are pre-defined and you prefer a strategic time-bound engagement model.

One time engagement model is effective when your requirements are not likely to change during the development process of your application. QAonCloud’s technical/domain expertise and strategic testing process provide you with high-quality testing services at your predictable budget.

QAonCloud-faviconFixed Budget

This model is applicable to projects with a very clear scope, established methodologies, and a stable set of requirements that isn’t likely to change throughout the project. The project requirements and scope are pre-defined with fixed cost and duration. Any changes require re-estimation of cost and time frame. The billing presupposes several milestone payments.

QAonCloud-faviconCore Competencies

We provide you a dedicated QA Architect and QA Manager with whom you can discuss your requirements and project deadlines. Our team has all the core competencies and domain expertise to achieve your project goals. We have experience in choosing the right approach and the right tools that suit your project needs.

QAonCloud-faviconLow Risks

Clear requirements, precise estimations, and timely deliverables lower the risk for all your project operations. We follow a milestone-based road-map that suits your custom software development. There is little or no scope for error as the parameters are well discussed by both the parties and the accuracy rate of completion of the project is high.

QAonCloud-faviconFully Secured

With QAonCloud you never have to worry about the security of your code or the IP of your application. All our testers are vetted with background checks and they are our employees so provide a significantly higher level of protection to your intellectual property than random crowdsourced testers. We are your right security partners and our experts follow strategic security methods to keep your data and assets safe.

QAonCloud Team Structure

When you engage with QAonCloud, you just don’t get a bunch of testers, you get our entire organization rooting for you. We have designed the perfect structure to ensure that we have just the right partnership with you, at a remarkably low cost.

QA Director

Oversee all our customers and ensures the quality of engagement through CxO level oversight. Meets with your team once every month to get updates on the progress and to sort out any difficulties at all that the engagement faces.

QAonCloud client services - QA Director​

QA Architect

Our QA Architect is responsible for all new software testing efforts, application release strategy, developing the testing strategy, and planning it with your dev team. The QA architect works on a consultative basis while consulting for multiple engagements based on his area of expertise.

QA Architect

QA Manager

Our QA manager is your single daily point of contact. Has oversight of the engagement and is responsible for all day to day activities and deliverables. Is always on top of the game to ensure you meet your deadlines and is dedicated to your team.

QA manager oversees the daily activities

QA Lead

Our QA Lead directs the QA team and manages the testing schedules. Our leads understand your process and coordinate the testing activities. The QA Lead also maintains detailed documentation to ensure your systems are adequately tested and that all your requirements are accounted for.

QA lead coordinates with the testing team

QA Testers

Our QA testers are hand-selected for you based on your requirements and their experience. We choose and employ our QA testers after a rigorous selection process and extensively train them in-house. They have internally certified in ISTQB equivalent courses and have the latest know-how about testing best practices.

Our experienced QA testers
How Does One Time Engagement with QAonCloud Works?
kickoff and onboarding with experienced team

Kickoff And Onboarding

We get to know about your application and you share any documentation, existing test cases, etc. that you have on your app. We also assign you the testers with the right set of knowledge to test your apps as well as an appropriate QA manager and an experienced QA architect.

Testing strategies from QAonCloud

Testing Strategy Planned

Our QA architect meets with your dev team and prepares the best testing strategy for your software applications based on the current app as well as your future direction.

newly build product for testing

New Build Received

We receive the latest product build from you for testing. This is often moving your build to the staging area where our team can test it.

Test cases for your application

Test Cases Written

Your QAonCloud testing team starts writing the test cases according to the application demo and the testing strategy. They are reviewed by the QA manager as well as the QA architect.

QAonCloud team executes test cases

Tests Executed

The QAonCloud team starts executing the test cases that report any bug that they find. The QA manager reviews any bugs that have been identified and determine the final list.

Defects reported shared to the dev team

Defects Reported

The bugs are shared with your dev team and we wait for them to be fixed while continuing with the rest of the testing. Once the bugs are fixed we repeat the relevant test cases to ensure they are indeed fixed.

Repeat the build process

Repeat - Go To New Build Received

The process is repeated for every build of the software. We ensure that no build of the software is released without extensive testing. The process involves doing regression testing for all previous builds along with testing for the use cases added in the latest build to ensure a bug-free customer experience.

QAonCloud-faviconMulti-Platform Testing

With the range of smart gadgets expanding today, it is essential to test your applications on a diverse set of devices and platforms. QAonCloud helps you to create applications that run on as many platforms as possible thus ensures your software meets the industry-specific standards.

QAonCloud-faviconValue & Transparency

At QAonCloud, We believe in quality and continuous improvement. Our work is transparent and you know exactly who you are working with. We ensure full transparency over the performed testing activities and 100% results visibility. Our work deliverables are available to you anytime.

QAonCloud-faviconTrusted Partnership

We are committed to Quality at work and transparency in results. QAonCloud believes in growing together by focusing on win-win solutions with our partners. Our values, quality services, capabilities, and optimal costs help to set a common vision and a successful journey together.

"QAonCloud helped us set up and formalize our testing from scratch and helped us deliver great product to our first customers. Thanks for the great work!"
Greg Adams,
CEO, Stabilitas
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