Meet Our Expert – Rajeshwari P

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Featuring test experts of QAonCloud. Every month we will feature the story of one of our team members as a part of this program. They are going to share their experiences with QAonCloud and Testing.

1. Tell us about yourself

I was born, raised and live in a small town called ‘Kollumangudi’ in India. It is one of the most beautiful rural areas of Tamil Nadu State. My native language is Tamil, but I can speak English too. I’m the only child of my parents and firm believers in the power of women’s education. I studied hard since my childhood. I scored 87% in 12th standard and in 2013, I received an engineering degree in computer science. Infact, I was the university topper and I received a Gold medal at my convocation. (You should have seen how proud my parents were on that day!)

2. What made you choose software testing as your career?

After getting my engineering degree, I was looking for a job in the computer science field, and that’s when I came across the ‘Software Testing’ field. I learned that this career is more about applying knowledge and skills. It didn’t take me long to choose this career as this is a challenging technical career.

3. How did You Find Out About QAonCloud? Can You Explain Your Journey?

meet our test expert - Rajeshwari P

Even though I wanted to become an expert in the software testing field, I thought to myself, “Getting a job in this field, and that too in this rural area is next to impossible.’ So, I applied for a BPO process in a company called Desicrew solutions Pvt ltd, through one of my friends. A month later, I heard about an internal job posting in Desicrew Pvt ltd for a new business process, ‘QAonCloud’. Guess what! QAonCloud is a software testing & QA service providing company! I plunged and applied for it. Getting selected and moving onto the QA process… everything just happened in a blink, and I’m so thankful for myself for applying. I have been working here since 2014, so I could say that I have a long history with QAonCloud. Now I’m able to look after my parents and also pursue my dream career at the same time.

4. What do you like about QAonCloud?

Working with QAonCloud helped me excel in my career and helped me improve my testing skills, domain knowledge, learning new tools, communication, and time management skills. One thing that I liked the most about QAonCloud is the flexibility and freedom of work. QAonCloud has the best pool of resources, domain experts, experienced testers, & also a friendly workplace environment. I’m able to unveil the best version of myself through continuous learning and experiences. To be honest, QAonCloud is like a second home for me now.

5. What is your role, and what are your specialisations?

I started my career with QAonCloud as a software testing engineer. Currently, I’m playing the Team Lead Role. I have hands-on experience in functional testing, web application testing, & mobile application testing. Apart from that, I have experience in working with selenium IDE and web driver, android studio, Charles proxy, Jira, Mantis and Phabricator.

6. What motivates you in your personal/professional life?

My dad is a wonderful human being who always believed & supported me. He worked hard and has been the breadwinner of our family. But he never said no to anything I ask for. He is my motivator in my personal life. He guides me whenever I have a problem. I’m married now. But he is still my go-to person when I have difficulties. Also, the stress-free working environment, flexibility and numerous opportunities I get at QAonCloud are really motivating me professionally.

7. Do you have any hidden talents that we don't know?

I cook well and I’m the master chef of my family. Recipes are my way to go whenever I feel depressed. I love to hear people talk about how tasty my food is! (especially my husband & my parents). Also, I love listening to music while cooking. This helps me to get rid of my tiredness.

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