Meet our Expert – Gayathri P

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In this edition of Meet our Expert, we feature Gayathri P. A multi-talented individual, and quiet achiever who has been with us since 2016. She shares her journey till now and the experience she had working with us for the past five years.

1. Tell us about yourself 

I spent my childhood in a rural household in Aduthurai near Kumbakonam, a quaint and colorful town in Tamil Nadu. My father, a farmer, worked tirelessly to ensure my siblings and I received a good education. I passed my schooling with a distinction, and in 2014, I completed my ECE graduation from Arasu Engineering college. 

My two elder sisters are now mathematics teachers, and my elder brother is following in my father’s footsteps by being a farmer.

2. What made you choose software testing as your career? 

After my initial stint in the content abstraction process and data analytics, I came across the opening for software testing role at QAonCloud. I immediately grabbed opportunity because I felt I would enjoy this work.

3. How did you find out about QAonCloud? How did you join?

While working on a content abstraction project for DesiCrew, I applied for internal recruitment in the software testing process at QAonCloud. It was followed by an Online Aptitude Test and an interview process. The entire affair was conducted smoothly. After successfully joining QAonCloud, it has been an onward and upward journey for me ever since.

4. What do you like about QAonCloud? 

I love working in the friendly environment of QAonCloud. They support my career growth through continuous education. The managers are very supportive and always give me valuable suggestions to improve my performance.

5. What is your role, and what are your specializations? 

I started my journey as a junior crewmate and worked my way to the position of Subject Matter Expert (SME) in software testing. Currently, I am working on the Mobile and Web application testing of a financial application.

6. What’s something you find challenging about your work? 

The lockdown has been a challenging time for me. Work from home makes me feel a bit stressed because I am constantly near my workstation. I can’t wait to go back to the office to chat with my coworkers and take occasional breaks in the cafeteria.

7. Do you have any mentors in your personal/professional life? 

My father is my mentor and inspiration. He is the reason why I am working in the technical field of my choice. During my college admission, I almost missed out on my preferred engineering course due to an application issue found on the very last day. My application was bound to get rejected. I got discouraged and decided to change my graduation course. My father intervened and got me to reapply at the final moment, and I was able to join my preferred degree. His constant support and encouragement pushed me to give my best in everything I do.

8. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? 

My garden is my paradise. Taking good care of the plants and grooming them gives me comfort and refreshment. I also like to experiment with my dishes by watching cooking shows online and surprising my family with homecooked sweets.

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