[INFOGRAPHIC] Virtualization In Software Testing

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virtualization in software testing

Software testing is an essential & comprehensive part of the software development process. Therefore, the amount of time and money that a company invests in testing will have an ultimate effect on the end product. A tester has to perform different tasks in the process of testing a product which includes tasks specifically preparation of test environment, performing testing, and reporting bugs. Hence, preparation of the environment will often consume a lot of time and money.

Virtualization in software testing

In the case of website testing, a tester has to ensure that the software is working as intended on all the possible combinations of memory, OS, browsers, and versions of such browsers. Doing that with the help of actual hardware will add up to the cost of the company. Also, it takes a lot of manual efforts.

Virtualization is a smart solution in this scenario. Through Virtualization in testing, we can provide a test environment where the testers can indeed test the software on all possible configurations and a single hardware system.

Customization is easy in these Virtual systems. Testers can customize the system based on the client requirements.

Hence, if we properly implement Virtualization in software testing, we can simplify our testing methods.

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