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fintech application testing infographic


Fintech is about the idea of the financial sector going digital. To put it merely, Fintech is anywhere where technology applies in financial services. Today, we can perceive how the financial world is changing quicker than at any other time!

The tools provided by fintech are changing how many consumers track, oversee, and facilitate their finances. Everyone with a smartphone utilizes some mobile payment. For instance, applications like Phonepe, PayPal, google play permit users to transfer money through the internet or mobile technology; this is nothing but fintech.

Why do we need Fintech Application Testing?

Financial Technology is, by and large, progressively utilized in many industries to make processes like mobile payment, loan management, bank security, money transfers, fundraising, etc.

Thus, it turns out to be crucial to check fintech applications that involve any money transfer, third party payment gateways, sensitive financial data, and so on; Henceforth, before the application’s release into the market, testing of these fintech applications are necessary. 

Let’s look at some of the characteristics of Fintech Application

  • Real-time processing
  • Batch processing
  • Fintech applications can run a massive number of simultaneous sessions at a specific moment.
  • Data that is exceptionally private and significant is outfitted with disaster management.
  • Keeps everyday exchanges’ track in a recording section.
  • Transactions are quick and secure.
  • Information is critical. Thus fintech has data recovery systems.
  • To discover the error/mistake, it has troubleshooting features.
Fintech App Testing Stats - infographics

How FinTech is changing the financial industry?

  1. Biometric sensors:  FinTech in the banking industry has brought numerous advancements, and biometric sensors are one of them. Biometric sensors alongside Iris scanners are two technological advancements that ATMs are seeing.
  2. E-Wallets:  Some of the significant e-wallet companies in the world are Samsung Pay, PayPal, Android Pay, and Apple Pay. These wallets are utilized for plenty of purposes, specifically P2P payments, top-up and utility charges, booking tickets, etc. This is where the fintech application testing comes to play.
  3. Mobile Banking: Most of the banks today have mobile applications that have a user-friendly interface. Additionally, banks have also introduced mobile apps that recognize the fingerprint of the user.

Conclusion: In the coming years, the growth of fintech will increase rapidly, replacing old methodologies with new technological ones. With retail banking software, financial core banking software, and many other components, it is all set to become even more prominent. The future of fintech will be bright in the upcoming years and so is the Fintech Application Testing!

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