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Partner for Software Testing

Minimized testing cost

Reduce testing costs by 20-40% with KPI based QA testing

Zero severe defects in software with tailored testing strategies

Reduced testing cost

Fast to market apps with reduced testing time by 18%

Lowered software maintenance cost

Lower software maintenance costs by 15-20% with proactive QA services

Companies see a 40% reduction in defect density with test-driven software development

Why QAonCloud?

  •  Flexible and Scalable QA Testing Solutions
  •  Product Mindset to enhance Application quality and user experiences
  •  IP Protected technology and secure locations
  •  Managed end-to-end Software testing services by expert QA teams
  •  Fast onboarding process and guaranteed delivery on schedule
independent QA testing services
high-quality mobile app testing

Mobile App Testing

  •  Experienced QA Testing teams
  •  Save time, money and resources with fast to market deliverables
  •  Efficient processes with advanced testing
  •  Reliable partner that delivers faster testing results
  •  Highly scalable QA testing models

WebApp Testing

  •  Minimal management for businesses allowing more focus on core duties
  •  Enhanced collaboration between teams for higher efficiency
  •  Faster integration cycles and time-to-market with highly productive teams
  •  Follow best practices to deliver competitive web apps to the market

QAonCloud's software testing services - web app testing

Proven Results

QAonCloud's software testing services - results
  • 90%
    Customer Retention
  • 60%
    Cost Saving
  • 99%
    Test Coverage
  • 80%
    Women Employees

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