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Partner for Software Testing

Minimized testing cost

Reduce testing costs by 20-40% with KPI based QA testing

Get zero defect with our tailored software testing strategies

Zero severe defects in software with tailored testing strategies

Reduced software testing time

Fast to market apps with reduced testing time by 18%

Lowered software maintenance cost with proactive QA services

Lower software maintenance costs by 15-20% with proactive QA services

Lowered defect density with our testing solutions

Companies see a 40% reduction in defect density with test-driven software development

Why QAonCloud?

  •  Flexible and Scalable QA Testing Solutions
  •  Product Mindset to enhance Application quality and user experiences
  •  IP Protected technology and secure locations
  •  Managed end-to-end Software testing services by expert QA teams
  •  Fast onboarding process and guaranteed delivery on schedule
Experienced software QA testing team - QAonCloud
High-quality mobile app testing service

Mobile App Testing

  •  Experienced QA Testing teams
  •  Save time, money and resources with fast to market deliverables
  •  Efficient processes with advanced testing
  •  Reliable partner that delivers faster testing results
  •  Highly scalable QA testing models

WebApp Testing

  •  Minimal management for businesses allowing more focus on core duties
  •  Enhanced collaboration between teams for higher efficiency
  •  Faster integration cycles and time-to-market with highly productive teams
  •  Follow best practices to deliver competitive web apps to the market

Best WebApp testing solution to get a quality website

Proven Results

QAonCloud's software testing services - results
  • 90%
    Customer Retention
  • 60%
    Cost Saving
  • 99%
    Test Coverage
  • 80%
    Women Employees

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