How QAonCloud Helps Engineering

How we help Engineering?

QAonCloud extends its services to researchers and professionals to ensure the quality of their software engineering products.

We Are An Integral Part Of Your Development Process

We support you to build amazing products with our combined QA expertise and domain knowledge. QAonCloud’s team of experts perform a reality check on your applications and understand what is acceptable by your user.

QAonCloud-faviconEnsure Stable Releases

We Provide an extra layer that ensures more stable releases of your applications . We fill the missing gap in the development and the product teams and integrate with your team to uncover issues before your customers experience them. Our flexible QA team understands what needs to be tested and we are more diligent while running the testcases and reporting all the issues in a detailed manner.

QAonCloud-faviconAttention to Detail

Our proficient QA team will have a good understanding of each and every flow of your application , be it a simple or a very complex functionality. We consider the scenarios from the end user perspective so as to not to miss any crucial bugs. Our testers give utmost attention to every detail of your application to perform the testing in a more effective and efficient manner. Overall ,we are committed to quality and ensure that your customer gets a hassle-free experience of your application

QAonCloud-faviconEnsure Documentation Protocols

We, as your QA team ensure a complete documentation at all levels of testing with respect to your software releases. We make sure that the QA practices are well documented so that your testing is not dependent on individual people. A well documented project in terms of the features , functional & UI requirements with the respective test artifacts is unbelievably cost effective , time saving and successful compared to the undocumented product releases.

QAonCloud-faviconReduce the Waste

Any testing activity that does not add value to your application/your customer is considered as a ‘waste’ , by us. We blend a lean thinking with the testing process in order to eliminate wastes in the the software testing life cycle. Our shift left testing approach analyzes the waste such as environment downtime , improper resourcing , wrong testcases etc., and implement efficient plans to reduce them.

Our Engagement Model

Want to learn more about QAonCloud’s process in helping create high Quality software? Learn more about our process, engagement model and what kind of deliverables you would get once you start working with us.

Fully Managed Testing

Jointly Managed Testing

One Time Engagement

Choose Your Right Engagement Model

You can engage us in one of the following testing models based on your application and team needs.

Fully Managed TestingJointly Managed TestingOne Time Testing
You dont have a QA team of your own
Your solution needs repeated testing as you make continuous enhancements
You have an in-house testing team
Dedicated QA Manager
Dedicated QA Architect
QA Consulting
QA Strategy
QA Execution
Daily calls with QAonCloud team
Daily reporting
Monthly high level report to the management
Final report to the management
Monthly call with management

Our Pricing Model

The fixed price model is applied to small and medium projects with a very clear scope, established methodologies and a stable set of requirements that isn’t likely to change throughout the project.This model is normally used when requirements are not clear, or risks cannot be defined early on in the project.Usually used for long-term projects with unclear requirements and frequent scope changes, or when you have several concurrent projects that may need resource relocation.
Pre-defined project requirements and scopeNon-defined requirementsGeneral idea and basic project requirements
Any changes require re-estimation of cost and time frameCost based on actual person-hours and can be adjusted flexiblyTeam is flexible to any project adjustments
Fixed project cost and durationAny project changes are possibleKnowledge retention and full control over the team
Billing presupposes several milestone paymentsBilling based on the amount of work performed in the billing periodBilling presupposes defined monthly payments for the team
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