How QAonCloud Has Changed The Game for These Software Companies

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The traditional in-house testing model is no longer feasible for modern software companies. The ever-changing landscape of technology has made it nearly impossible for in-house testing teams to keep up with the latest trends and tools. The high cost of maintaining an in-house testing team has become a burden for most companies. Outsourcing testing to QAonCloud is the smartest way to ensure your products are released on time and within budget.

Benefits Our Clients Got By Outsourcing Testing To QAonCloud


Tokopedia needed to ensure that the program was ready for millions of users in Indonesia, so they turned to QAonCloud. After understanding customer needs, the Delivery manager drove the initiative, and the assigned QA Architect quickly produced a solution.

Within a few days, they organised a group of testers for each Tokopedia buyer and seller portal across device platforms – Android and Web. The team seamlessly integrated into the existing development process and aided faster release cycles by working within it.


With its QAonCloud partnership, RedBlackTree sought assistance in performing a comprehensive end-to-end testing coverage of its HRMS system, concentrating on QA procedure set-up and regression services.

QAonCloud has extensive knowledge of RBT’s product needs and created a comprehensive QA solution for the SaaS-based Human Resource management system. Daily, they became an extended QA arm for RBT, providing significant insights and ensuring that all bugs were discovered.

The testing team discovered a wide range of problems, including login difficulties, crashes and errors, which were very useful in flexibility and agility. The team was able to test the core functions for several versions and ensure that the application’s bugs and errors were minimal.

AT&T Cybersecurity

AT&T Cybersecurity chose to use the Fully Managed service delivery approach offered by QAonCloud. The QA architect researched the client’s web and API needs and produced a suitable QA solution. They assigned highly-skilled testers and a project manager to this work.

Since 2016, the project has evolved into a long-term collaboration. So far, they have created 2000+ test cases for 12 modules. Over 1200+ faults have been discovered and verified; 30% were significant bugs. They automated approximately 70% of the test cases using Selenium.


QAonCloud planned the correct QA method after studying the client’s product needs. Started with one dedicated offshore tester and a delivery manager for this project which has been increase to two resources on client’s request to scale. Communication through frequent meetings with the customer helped to understand the application and development process.

The major drawback was the high-end system requirements, which required a more powerful graphics card to display the pictures correctly. QAonCloud organised the team’s high-end desktop machines.

The existing test cases were updated to reflect the change in requirements and to create new test cases for additional features. They also suggested a few features that could add value to the product. The regression cycles before every release helped prevent significant issues.


AM purchased an application that another company created, and they had to maintain it. After a few months, they struggled to keep up with the number of regression bugs. There were several critical issues that were discovered when the product went live, which were not found in the previous cycles.

QAonCloud joined the project as an extension of AM’s team. It hired three offshore testers using the Aptitude Test specified by the customer and trained them within 2 weeks. A delivery manager was also assigned. They also looked at the test cases and found that they were not covering all areas of the application.

Out of the 243 test cases written, 127 bugs were found. 95% of the bugs raised were accepted, while the SLA was 90%.

Aol Media

Aol media had an app in the store that was not being updated for quite some time. The client wanted to update the app, but before that, they wanted to ensure there were no significant bugs.

For this purpose, QAonCloud was onboarded to perform a regression test on the app. Two testers were assigned, along with a delivery manager. The team reviewed the existing test cases and updated them according to the new versions. They also created 848 new test cases for the additional features. Of those, 104 (56%) significant bugs and 21% minor bugs were found. 70% of the test cases were automated using selenium and Java.


Connectworxs is an IT company that provides solutions for secure communication and collaboration. The client approached QAonCloud seeking help in testing their web application.

The team was assigned a project manager and two testers. They used the Agile methodology to deliver the project in 2 sprints. In total, 526 test cases were executed over 8 weeks. Of these, there were 41 major bugs and 67 minor bugs, and they met the bug acceptance rate SLA of 90%.


Stabilitas is a startup that provides solutions for mental health. The client had an MVP of their product and wanted to get it tested before releasing it to the public.

QAonCloud was hired for this purpose and assigned two testers and a project manager. They used the Agile methodology and delivered the project in 2 sprints. They wrote 842 test cases and found 45 significant bugs. The bug acceptance rate was 90%.

As you can see, QAonCloud has worked with various clients, each with its own needs and requirements. QAonCloud is up for the challenge no matter what the project entails.

SaaS-Based Cruise Management System

The client is a $10 billion Swiss Cruise Company that uses cutting-edge technology like SAAS-based ERP to increase operational efficiency and provide convenience to passengers. The product was an online cruise management system that allowed its staff to create cruises, choose ships, and arrange itineraries. This corresponded with their online booking system, which tourists used.

QAonCloud studied the customer’s product requirements and devised the appropriate QA solution. They hired 3 offshore testers using the Aptitude Test specified by the customer and trained them within 2 weeks. A delivery manager was also assigned. Delivered test cases, bug reports and an analytics report. Of the 305 test cases written, 173 bugs were found, of which 17% were significant. The tests met the bug acceptance rate SLA of 90%.


The software industry is complex and ever-changing. To ensure that your company is keeping up with the latest trends, it is essential to partner with a quality assurance provider that can offer various services and is adaptable to your company’s needs.

QAonCloud is a reliable and experienced provider of quality assurance services. They have worked with various clients, each with its own needs and requirements. No matter what the project entails, QAonCloud is up for the challenge.

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