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How QAonCloud Works

At QAonCloud, we take a product-based approach to test your software, combining QA testers with experienced delivery and architecture leadership – resulting in faster app releases while maintaining the highest quality and greatest customer satisfaction, all at remarkably low costs. This is how the future of testing should look like, remote, flexible, and scalable.


The QAonCloud Process has been designed with care to give the maximum benefit of our remote, flexible, and scalable model to software development teams. Whether you want to engage us as your only testing team, want to scale your current testing team with our help, or just want to get your finished app tested, we have designed a unique process that is convenient for you as well as lets you take full advantage of QAonCloud.

Q-blueEngagement  Model

You can engage your QAonCloud team as your only testing team or you can use us to extend your QA team or even if you just need your finished app to be tested, we are here for you. We have designed our unique process that lets you take the maximum advantage of our services while engaging with us based on what’s most convenient to your business model. Whatever are your QA testing needs, we are here for you.


Whether you are just getting started in your QA testing journey and have no formal written test cases or you are already a seasoned pro and have an established QA process in your team, we can partner with you and help you take your QA testing to next level. We would work with you to build your customized testing strategy and plan. We make it super easy to collaborate with your in-house development team. And you would own the IP for all our deliverables.

QAonCloud Team Structure

When you engage with QAonCloud, you just don’t get a bunch of testers, you get our entire organization rooting for you. We have designed the perfect structure to ensure that we have just the right partnership with you, at a remarkably low cost.

QA Director

Oversee all our customers and ensures the quality of engagement through CxO level oversight. Meets with your team once every month to get updates on the progress and to sort out any difficulties at all that the engagement faces.

QAonCloud client services - QA Director​

QA Architect

Our QA Architect is responsible for all new software testing efforts, application release strategy, developing the testing strategy, and planning it with your dev team. The QA architect works on a consultative basis while consulting for multiple engagements based on his area of expertise.

QA Architect

QA Manager

Our QA manager is your single daily point of contact. Has oversight of the engagement and is responsible for all day to day activities and deliverables. Is always on top of the game to ensure you meet your deadlines and is dedicated to your team.

QA manager oversees the daily activities

QA Lead

Our QA Lead directs the QA team and manages the testing schedules. Our leads understand your process and coordinate the testing activities. The QA Lead also maintains detailed documentation to ensure your systems are adequately tested and that all your requirements are accounted for.

QA lead coordinates with the testing team

QA Testers

Our QA testers are hand-selected for you based on your requirements and their experience. We choose and employ our QA testers after a rigorous selection process and extensively train them in-house. They have internally certified in ISTQB equivalent courses and have the latest know-how about testing best practices.

Our experienced QA testers
QAonCloud Process
kickoff and onboarding with experienced team

Kickoff And Onboarding

We get to know about your application and you share any documentation, existing test cases, etc. that you have on your app. We also assign you the testers with the right set of knowledge to test your apps as well as an appropriate QA manager and an experienced QA architect.

Testing strategies from QAonCloud

Testing Strategy Planned

Our QA architect meets with your dev team and prepares the best testing strategy for your software applications based on the current app as well as your future direction.

newly build product for testing

New Build Received

We receive the latest product build from you for testing. This is often moving your build to the staging area where our team can test it.

Test cases for your application

Test Cases Written

Your QAonCloud testing team starts writing the test cases according to the application demo and the testing strategy. They are reviewed by the QA manager as well as the QA architect.

QAonCloud team executes test cases

Tests Executed

The QAonCloud team starts executing the test cases that report any bug that they find. The QA manager reviews any bugs that have been identified and determine the final list.

Defects reported shared to the dev team

Defects Reported

The bugs are shared with your dev team and we wait for them to be fixed while continuing with the rest of the testing. Once the bugs are fixed we repeat the relevant test cases to ensure they are indeed fixed.

Repeat the build process

Repeat - Go To New Build Received

The process is repeated for every build of the software. We ensure that no build of the software is released without extensive testing. The process involves doing regression testing for all previous builds along with testing for the use cases added in the latest build to ensure a bug-free customer experience.

QAonCloud Engagement Model

You can engage us in one of the following testing models based on your application and team needs.

"QAonCIoud has helped us detect app crashes which were affecting our downloads significantly. They have now taken the responsibility of giving a QA clear to all our development sprints. We would like to expand the team further. "
Gautam Chakravarthy,
Engineering Manager, Tokopedia.

We work with you to build your customized testing strategy and plan. We make it super easy to collaborate with your in-house dev team using the latest technology. And you are the owner of all our deliverables.

Q-blueTest Strategy And Plan

We start off the engagement by building a comprehensive Test Strategy and Plan in conjunction with your product manager that is customized to your software, timelines, and needs. This master plan document serves as the future guidepost to all testing activities for the project.

Q-blueTest Cases

We would prepare the test cases to start with as per the test strategy and plan document created above. This will be constantly enhanced, updated, and modified with time to keep in sync with your changing needs. These will be stored in the system of your choice.

Q-blueMind Map

With inputs from your team, we prepare the mind map, a great visual representation of your software universe, to show the relationships amongst all of the individual entities that your software interacts with. We usually find this to be a great resource for the team going forward.

Q-blueAutomation Script

All automation scripts generated as per the test strategy formulated above will be maintained in a code repository of your choice. We will regularly execute the automation scripts and update them as and when needed. Bug reports from the test runs would be shared.

Q-blueBug Reports

We would constantly generate bug reports based on the execution of the test cases from above. Every test cycle would have its own bug report and would be generated and maintained in the bug tracking tool of your choice.

Q-blueProduction Summary

We will share the daily, monthly & yearly production summary reports that summarize the overall production metrics and work done. This helps the customer to understand and track the work progress in a more efficient way.

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