How To Get A Happy Customer For Your Business ?

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A Happy customer is  the lifeblood of every business. Why do 90% of American businesses close their doors after 10 years?

It is mainly due to improper customer service.

A good business is all about customer satisfaction. If there is no customer satisfaction from a company, then you can’t survive in a competitive environment. Customer service shouldn’t just be a department. It should be the entire company. Similarly keeping your customers happy should be the overall motive of a business.

Be it a business to business or business to customer, both the organization and your customer should be satisfied with the quality of the company’s output.

So now, how to make a customer a  happy customer?

Also, what can you do from your end to make sure target customers choose you over others?

How do you delight your customers?


Before you know to make your customer a happy customer,

Any business you take, be it a sole proprietorship, or a partnership firm, or a non-profit organization or a family business or any type as such. A company cannot run without customers. Depending upon what type of business it is your customers vary. So know who your customers are.

For a business to be successful and reach the right people for your business. It is essential to focus on your targeted buyers.


You are an individual. Your company is not a copy of some other company. You have your way of dealing with your business. Your company is different from your competitors.

Similarly, your customers are also unique. Not all your target customers need to think the same way. Different people have different opinions and needs. What may be the need for one may not be the necessity for the other.


Change is inevitable. Customers always look for betterment. People still want to lead a happy and relaxed life. To make their life easy, they look for products that give them comfort. So the more you adapt to customer’s wants and needs, the happier they’ ll be. You need to step into their shoes and find their future wants. Customers always look into the product as a solution to their problems.


As we have already told you, you need to know your targeted audience first. Then you need to figure out what is essential note that makes your customers choose your competitor over you. Bring out the feature that makes you stand out for your business from others.

Sometimes the experience matters. At times the convenience you provide may delight them . Sometimes, the way you portray yourself ( your company) to others. Know what your customers prefer and work on it. You can take a survey from your customers, do some sample tests, and figure out what works for your business and your consumers.


It is the primary factor that the buyers have to be benefited by you. Of course, you need to look into the profit factor as well, but that shouldn’t be the only motive. Always remember that your customers are the king of the market. The time when people bought what was available in the market has gone. Now people sell what the buyers want. Yes, the tables have turned. You cannot do a monopoly business in today’s world. Serve them right.


It would be best if you were quick and easy to access. And you need to ensure there are no mistakes from your end product and services. In case the customer finds any fault or defect. We need to accept our imperfection and apologies for the service. Now, what can we do to compensate for our error here? We can’t afford to lose a customer like this often. Can we?

You can make the replacement for free. Such offers will make buyers happy. It makes them feel they are valued. It makes them think that we are a company for care for the quality of our product as well.


One should not think if this brand is worth to take an effort. Your customer is your biggest asset. Once lost, it is challenging to regain them. Make your first impression attractive, and like our companies. At the same time, don’t disappoint your customers by any fake promises. Focus on your products’ quality. Concentrate on your targeted customer. Let your business be cost-effective. And then you are good at running a business.

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