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Cybersecurity awareness promotes the basic understanding of cyber crimes, cyber threats, and cyber risks. It informs citizens about the best practices and proactive measures when confronted with cyber risks.

The internet is like a busy road with lots of traffic moving in all directions. This traffic is called data. The games, videos, cartoons, emails travel all over the internet as data. While the internet seems spectacular from the outside, it has many unknowns on the inside. It is important to use it very carefully to stay safe. Our generation lives on the internet, and as a user, we generally fail to understand that some people work hard to secure our data. Technology is advancing, and so is the cybercrime. If you work on the computer, you should also be aware of the basic cybersecurity techniques. Here, we try to bring in some basic understanding of the cybersecurity for an amateur.



We have physical security like locks, fences, and police officers to minimize crime in the real world. Similarly, we need Cyber Security to reduce crime and harm in the virtual world. Cybersecurity specifically focuses on securing computer systems and their components like hardware, software, and other essential data, which should be inaccessible for unauthorized users. Cyber Security protects the data and acts like a saviour trying to bring peace and justice to the cyber-verse. Its purpose is to defend those valuable data throughout the entire life cycle of the cyber attacks

Who needs to protect their data?

Whenever there is a lot of information stored on computers about people and sensitive things, it needs to be protected. The businesses, government, banking, financial, energy, manufacturing companies, educational institutions, media outlets and finally, we the people, come under a cyber risk. These industries have to secure their money, reputation, and personal details and information of them, their customers from their competitors or any outside person as such.


Cybersecurity demands focus and dedication. The digital world is developing with new technology every day, and so are the threats and risks. Virtual crimes are dominating all the industries affecting the business and their employees. When a cybercriminal is trying to hack an organization, he will come up with hacking techniques that are highly effective. There are several ways an attacker might try to cause harm. Here are some scenarios of types of common attacks seen today.




Malware is like a disease to your software that comes with no prediction. It comes with different methods to attack your system like a torrent of water from a firehouse.


What does this malware do? 

Malware makes money off you illicitly without damaging your hardware or network equipment physically. One of the functions of the malware software is to slow down your system, that is, it reduces the speed of the operating device. You can see random ads and spam emails popping up when you are working online. Those are the malware threats.

For instance, if you see your system often displaying the blue screen of death (BSOD), it is high time to protect your order.

Powerful malware can encrypt your password, delete your data, hijack core computer functions, and even spy on your computer without your knowledge and permission. 

Adware, spyware, a virus, worms, trojans, ransomware, exploits, etc., are some of the most common forms of malware software that affects your device.



 Phishing is a trick used on the victims to trap one’s passwords, credit card details on their own. It is the easiest and effective way of cybercrime.  The hackers pose as a trusted institution to get personal and sensitive information of an entity or a user as such. They send an email saying emergency or as an SMS text or a phone call or as a link. The social network has now become the leading site to target phishing attacks. Targeting the online payment systems has now scared the users to use the technology effectively. Though awareness of phone phishing and SMS phishing is worldwide. We fail to protect ourself from targeted attacks like spear-phishing, which costs plenty and is also a critical threat to business. 


How does it feel when someone takes money out of your pocket and calls it “mine”? Similarly, cryptojacking is the secret use of a computing device to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Hackers run hidden cryptocurrency mining scripts without notice. This way of attack is comparatively easier than other methods of cyberattacks. It doesn’t require hacking knowledge or significant technical skills. Cryptojacking kits available are cost-effective. Hackers see this cyberattacks method to be cheaper, more profitable than ransomware. If your system gets heated faster, runs slow or makes noises, there is a high chance that it is affected by cryptojacking. 


A standard language used for manipulating and accessing databases is known as SQL, commonly pronounced as the sequel. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. This programming language can execute queries, as well as create new databases, insert, update, and delete records. But, it is also a prevalent form of hacking a web application. User dynamically uses stings that cause SQL injection attacks. To avoid such attacks, it is recommended to use parameterized queries or stored procedures. To exploit anyone of the SQL vulnerability, an SQL injects the attack that runs a malicious code to the SQL server.





There are certain things that every user should know: 

    1. Getting anti-virus software up-to-date is mandatory.
    2. Closing out the browsers after each use makes the window to shut the browser. Hence, this avoids the system to run the browser in the background.
    3. Without verifying the destination, they should never click on the links and adds.
    4. Report the spam mails and pop up ads if it is recurring when working online.
    5. Do not give access to your password and personal information to anybody.
    6. Testing is necessary when the system’s speed is slow or when the fan runs fast or a lot of heat generates when the software runs.
    7. Users should conduct crypt audit and have their computers checked on a regular basis. It helps the business to protect their system.

Nowadays all our work are system-based and there are a lot of cybercriminals to steal your uniqueness, so it becomes our responsibility to secure our device.


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