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[Blog] Delayed Releases? Know How a QA Testing Partner Can Improve Your Release Velocity

Reading Time: 3 minutes: One of the major downfalls for software and mobile applications is delayed launches. Businesses’ inability to meet customer demands on time is another. Current market trends and the digital landscape require frequent, efficient, and comprehensive software test release cycle to remain competitive. However, by meeting the speed quotient of software test releases, one cannot compromise … Read more

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A Short Guide To Selecting The Best Software Testing Partner

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Having faulty products delivered to customers can seriously injure brand credibility and lead to customer churn. Choosing the software testing partner, especially with testing in an  outsourcing model, is pivotal to the product’s success or detrimental downfall. This QA outsourcing guide to selecting a software testing partner has comprehensive insights on the various features and … Read more

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How Managed Software Testing Services Can Fast-Track Digital Transformation

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Managed Software Testing Digital transformation is a revolutionizing process for businesses. It allows businesses to expand their operations, deliver accurate and fast solutions. It helps in improving efficiency and also enhancing communication within the enterprise. The success rate of digital transformation is highly dependent on development teams. The development teams should ensure that the digital … Read more

Test cases for Automation testing

How To Select Right Test Cases For Automation Testing

Reading Time: 7 minutes: Automation test criteria: From withdrawing cash from ATMs, taking medical appointments, to buying parking lot tickets and groceries, automation is everywhere. The automation of straightforward tasks as well as complex activities like self-driving cars promises to save you a lot of time and costs. The same is the case with testing practices. Back in the … Read more

Banking App Testing

A Rookie’s Guide To Banking App Testing

Reading Time: 5 minutes: The banking industry is fraught with risks and must take advantage of innovative technologies to drive operations. Banks must strive to achieve progress while providing a stable application with advanced features. While its customers prefer stable operations, the banking industry must ensure adequate security safeguards to prevent data breaches. So, is there any way out … Read more

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Enhancing Software Quality Through Shift-Left Testing

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Shift left testing is an advanced software testing approach. Through this approach, testers draft test cases as per the clients’ requirements at the inception of the software development. The team focuses on preventing defects rather than the detection of defects. It aims to enhance the overall quality of the software. In traditional testing, testing happens … Read more

[Infographics] Agile or Waterfall Method: Which one should you go for?

Reading Time: < 1 minute: The waterfall method is a sequential software development model first described in 1970. This method has its roots in the manufacturing and construction industries, where it is necessary to complete each phase in its entirety before moving to the next step. Its straightforward and systematic approach is often considered to be its great strength. The … Read more

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Exploratory Testing: A Detailed Guide To Discover Defects

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Introduction To Exploratory Testing Exploratory Testing is a software testing approach where we remove the scripts entirely. The tester is given the freedom and responsibility to execute testing activities. Without prior knowledge about the product or guidelines for the testing process, testers interact with the app as they wish to get information related to the … Read more

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6 Emerging Trends that will transform Software Testing

Reading Time: 5 minutes: Upcoming trends in Software Testing: There is an assumption that software development is all about speed. Whoever delivers first-to-market features and updates stands to consolidate the industry in the long run. While the belief is indeed valid, an equally important but often ignored part is ensuring the software is bug-free. The reason being that users … Read more

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A Comprehensive Guide To Usability Testing Of Website

Reading Time: 6 minutes: Introduction To Usability Testing Of Website Our Website users are a mixture of three generations, the ’80s,’90s, and 2k. They have evolved from different transactional habits, and they also have a different approach towards technology. But the best part is technology has met all three expectations and standing firm and continuing to move forward. So … Read more

Banking Application Testing Can Be Disastrous If You Don’t Focus On These 5 Areas

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Introduction To Banking Application Testing We live in a digital age when everything we need is literary at our fingertips. With recent innovations and advancements in technology, the banking industry is also going through digital evolution. But the complexities tangled in the functioning of a banking application and the amount of crucial data these apps … Read more

All About Product Risks And Project Risks

Reading Time: 2 minutes: Product risks and Project Risks – Introduction “A Project is a solution to a Problem, Solving which you get a working Product” – Anonymous Many people will often have a puzzled look on their faces when they hear the terms; Product risks and Project risks. Many individuals find it difficult to understand. Henceforth let us … Read more

What Is Multiple Device Testing?

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Multiple Device Testing – Introduction Today, we can see how the technology involved in mobile is swiftly evolving. Mobile phones have now developed from primary devices for communication to a gadget that can do anything. Ultimately, millions of apps are entering the market. Regularly, millions of people use various types of apps. There are apps … Read more