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Enhancing Software Quality Through Shift-Left Testing

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Shift left testing is an advanced software testing approach. Through this approach, testers draft test cases as per the clients’ requirements at the inception of the software development. The team focuses on preventing defects rather than the detection of defects. It aims to enhance the overall quality of the software. In traditional testing, testing happens … Read more


Meet our Expert – Gayathri P

Reading Time: 2 minutes: In this edition of Meet our Expert, we feature Gayathri P. A multi-talented individual, and quiet achiever who has been with us since 2016. She shares her journey till now and the experience she had working with us for the past five years. 1. Tell us about yourself  I spent my childhood in a rural … Read more

[Infographics] Agile or Waterfall Method: Which one should you go for?

Reading Time: < 1 minute: The waterfall method is a sequential software development model first described in 1970. This method has its roots in the manufacturing and construction industries, where it is necessary to complete each phase in its entirety before moving to the next step. Its straightforward and systematic approach is often considered to be its great strength. The … Read more

meet our expert #1 - Rajeshwari P - QAonCloud

Meet Our Expert – Rajeshwari P

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Featuring test experts of QAonCloud. Every month we will feature the story of one of our team members as a part of this program. They are going to share their experiences with QAonCloud and Testing. 1. Tell us about yourself I was born, raised and live in a small town called ‘Kollumangudi’ in India. It … Read more

exploratory testing guide

Exploratory Testing: A Detailed Guide To Discover Defects

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Introduction To Exploratory Testing Exploratory Testing is a software testing approach where we remove the scripts entirely. The tester is given the freedom and responsibility to execute testing activities. Without prior knowledge about the product or guidelines for the testing process, testers interact with the app as they wish to get information related to the … Read more

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6 Emerging Trends that will transform Software Testing

Reading Time: 5 minutes: Upcoming trends in Software Testing: There is an assumption that software development is all about speed. Whoever delivers first-to-market features and updates stands to consolidate the industry in the long run. While the belief is indeed valid, an equally important but often ignored part is ensuring the software is bug-free. The reason being that users … Read more

Test cases for Automation testing

How To Select Right Test Cases For Automation Testing

Reading Time: 5 minutes: Test cases For automation testing – Introduction We are in the Automation era, as we could see each and everything is shifting from manual to Automation. From withdrawing cash to parking lot tickets, there is nothing in the digital world that doesn’t need Automation. So, can testing projects escape this change of world? Definitely NO! … Read more

usability testing of website

A Comprehensive Guide To Usability Testing Of Website

Reading Time: 6 minutes: Introduction To Usability Testing Of Website Our Website users are a mixture of three generations, the ’80s,’90s, and 2k. They have evolved from different transactional habits, and they also have a different approach towards technology. But the best part is technology has met all three expectations and standing firm and continuing to move forward. So … Read more

10 Reasons Why Tech Startups Fail & How Founders Can Bounce Back

Reading Time: 5 minutes: Reasons Why Tech Startups Fail The millennials are too tired of 9 to 5 jobs and a monotonous lifestyle for a decade now. They have a good skill set and corporate experience, which pushes, them to open startups with the knowledge gained from their work environment. But does everyone see success in venturing startups, and … Read more