A complete guide on maximizing your software test coverage with less time and resources

Reading Time: 6 minutes: It is no secret that you need a robust and highly functional application to stay relevant in this competitive market. And the best way to achieve this goal is to test your product thoroughly. But how to measure the testing efforts? The answer is “software test coverage” as it clarifies whether the testing efforts are … Read more

Test Maturity model in software testing

Test Maturity Models: A step by step guide to attaining organizational software testing proficiency

Reading Time: 7 minutes: Test Maturity Models: Software testing is an ever-shifting process and keeps on changing to accommodate the dynamic requirements. Testing maturity is the extent to which the process is optimized to accept the changes. The test maturity indicates how well the testing process is managed, measured, monitored, and the yielded results. Why does testing maturity matter? … Read more

A detailed comparison of popular JavaScript testing automation tools and frameworks

Reading Time: 9 minutes: JavaScript Automation tools: “Automation” is always the first thing in mind when we talk about technology. Automating the processes make everything easier, quicker, and better. After all, it is an uncomfortable fact that automation can execute a lot of tasks a lot quicker than humans can.  Whether it is a startup or large-scale business, every company … Read more

Mobile POS system testing

Enhance shopping experience with Point-of-Sale (PoS) testing

Reading Time: 8 minutes: POS Testing: Ecommerce is a highly demanding industry. It is estimated that you need 12 positive customer experiences to compensate for the loss caused by 1 negative experience. Over 70% of these customers find the checkout experience to be the biggest complaint in the ecommerce platform. Even a nominal increase in customer experience can increase … Read more

Software testing for healthcare applications

Software QA in Healthcare – Everything you need to know about software testing of healthcare application

Reading Time: 9 minutes: Healthcare Software Testing: It is rightly observed by a philosopher William Shedd – “A ship in the harbour is safe, but ships are not built to be parked safely”. In other words, the unused potential is not valued. The ability of technology to change the world for the better is not a new concept, but … Read more

Fintech app testing

Fintech App Testing Strategy: What to test?

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Fintech App Testing: Fintech is a growing industry where businesses find this particular digital business platform as a plethora of opportunities in this digital economy. This industry has gained a substantial amount of investors because of its success, but on the other hand, it also has its own set of unique challenges to conquer.  For … Read more

API Testing guide

API Testing Strategy and Documentation

Reading Time: 9 minutes: API Testing Strategy: 2020 has already earned the title of “disruption decade”. Most organizations around the globe are identifying new ways to survive and thrive in the new normal. Whether your organization has started the digital transformation journey years ago, or you have just started, APIs have become the glue of the digital landscape. Don’t … Read more

Google play instant testing

Is your App Instant Ready: Test your Android app for Google Play Instant

Reading Time: 6 minutes: Let’s start this post with 3 amazing mobile app facts: Fact #1 – In the second half of 2016, only 23% of mobile apps were used after being installed.* Fact #2 – 95% of installed mobile apps are deleted within the first month.* Fact #3 – Over 87% of users spend their time on apps … Read more

VR App testing

A Guide to Virtual Reality Application Testing

Reading Time: 6 minutes: Virtual Reality: a modern technology Virtual Reality is a powerful emerging medium that promises to change user interaction with digital technologies. It is now possible for individuals to interact in any virtual reality environment using VR goggles or mobile devices. Various forms of non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive simulation technology transform many industries at B2B … Read more

Scriptless test automation

Accelerate and Simplify Agile Testing with Scriptless Test Automation

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Test automation has become an integral component of the modern software development and testing process. With the increasing client expectations for speed and scale, it is not the time to continue using the legacy software testing processes. It has become essential that the testing and quality assurance function catches up to the current speed and … Read more

Software Testing Skills

[INFOGRAPHICS] Software Testing Skills

Reading Time: < 1 minutes: Defects, errors, and bugs are the nightmare for any software company. Defects may occur during the development process, but the identification of such defects should happen before releasing the build. Software testing is the only process through which we can identify them. Identifying bugs in an application is not an easy task. It requires a … Read more


Reading Time: 5 minutes: The most important question people ask, “Is the salary of a software tester, same as that of a software developer?” The world is transforming continuously. The demand for digital products is also very high. Software testing and development are the only industries, people would love to know because of the rising demand for testers and … Read more



Reading Time: 4 minutes: Cybersecurity awareness promotes the basic understanding of cyber crimes, cyber threats, and cyber risks. It informs citizens about the best practices and proactive measures when confronted with cyber risks. The internet is like a busy road with lots of traffic moving in all directions. This traffic is called data. The games, videos, cartoons, emails travel … Read more


Reading Time: 3 minutes: Software development and testing use a straightforward concept called Requirements Traceability Matrix. Once you understand it and see the examples in this article, you will understand that the Requirements Traceability Matrix is an easy concept and you will use it effectively in your project.   The implementation of requirement traceability or the more it gets implemented … Read more