Test Maturity model in software testing

Test Maturity Models: A step by step guide to attaining organizational software testing proficiency

Reading Time: 7 minutes: Test Maturity Models: Software testing is an ever-shifting process and keeps on changing to accommodate the dynamic requirements. Testing maturity is the extent to which the process is optimized to accept the changes. The test maturity indicates how well the testing process is managed, measured, monitored, and the yielded results. Why does testing maturity matter? … Read more

Mobile POS system testing

Enhance shopping experience with Point-of-Sale (PoS) testing

Reading Time: 8 minutes: POS Testing: Ecommerce is a highly demanding industry. It is estimated that you need 12 positive customer experiences to compensate for the loss caused by 1 negative experience. Over 70% of these customers find the checkout experience to be the biggest complaint in the ecommerce platform. Even a nominal increase in customer experience can increase … Read more

Software testing for healthcare applications

Software QA in Healthcare – Everything you need to know about software testing of healthcare application

Reading Time: 9 minutes: Healthcare Software Testing: It is rightly observed by a philosopher William Shedd – “A ship in the harbour is safe, but ships are not built to be parked safely”. In other words, the unused potential is not valued. The ability of technology to change the world for the better is not a new concept, but … Read more

API Testing guide

API Testing Strategy and Documentation

Reading Time: 9 minutes: API Testing Strategy: 2020 has already earned the title of “disruption decade”. Most organizations around the globe are identifying new ways to survive and thrive in the new normal. Whether your organization has started the digital transformation journey years ago, or you have just started, APIs have become the glue of the digital landscape. Don’t … Read more



Reading Time: 4 minutes: Are you a software tester? If yes, please allow us to appreciate you for your efforts in delivering a quality product. But, do you think you possess all the characteristics of a good tester?‘DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A GOOD SOFTWARE TESTER?’ ‘WHAT CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD SOFTWARE TESTER DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE?’This is one … Read more

Quality assurance and software testing


Reading Time: 4 minutes: Is it really important to get services like Software Testing and Quality Assurance in the software industry? The answer is certainly ‘YES’! Do you know? On average, about 15-50 errors occur per 1000 lines of code. Software Testing and Quality Assurance can help you ensure your software or application is 99.9% bug-free. Errors became a … Read more