[INFOGRAPHICS] Five Phases of Penetration Testing

Reading Time: < 1 minute: A Penetration Test is a simulated external hacking into your own application to identify security vulnerabilities. By carrying out simulated attacks, you can uncover weak points through which a hacker can gain sensitive information. A weak point can be anything from system glitches, possible human errors, and susceptibility to brute force attacks. Nowadays, due to … Read more

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Tester’s Guide To The Security Testing of Web Applications

Reading Time: 6 minutes: Introduction To Security Testing & Security Testing Tools From individuals to federal bodies, cyber attackers are eyeing every small opportunity to steal valuable data. This data is Personality Identifiable Information (PII). We saw a lot of real-life examples,  like Facebook and Equifax. A single vulnerability has caused them to lose both revenue and reputation. What … Read more

Why Mobile Application Security Testing Is Crucial For Your App?

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Mobile Application Security Testing services Content Contributors: Ranvitha Rao and Berlincon What Is Mobile Application Security Testing Mobile Applications are used all around the world by millions of people. In fact, there is an increased demand for smart mobile applications. Consequently, the popularity of mobile apps is growing at a rapid rate. As a result, … Read more