Fintech app testing

Fintech App Testing Strategy: What to test?

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Fintech App Testing: Fintech is a growing industry where businesses find this particular digital business platform as a plethora of opportunities in this digital economy. This industry has gained a substantial amount of investors because of its success, but on the other hand, it also has its own set of unique challenges to conquer.  For … Read more

How to perform spike testing

How to perform Spike Testing: Best practices, tools, and examples

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Applications under production receive variable traffic, subject to sudden growth or reduction in the number of application users. End-user variations put application servers under stress which might lead to unexpected crashes and breakdowns. Such defects can be validated by running Spike Testing. It is one of the building blocks of performance testing used to detect … Read more

OTT Testing guide featured image

Deliver Quality Video Streaming Experience: A complete guide on OTT Testing

Reading Time: 7 minutes: OTT Testing: Everyone loves content.. Video is the most easy-to-digest content format and gives the much-required rest from the overabundance of online textual information. Probably, that’s the reason people watch a billion hours of videos on YouTube every day.  From news to sports, animated shows to documentaries, original series to videos captured on mobile phones, people … Read more

Performance testing metrics

Key Performance Testing Metrics and why it matters

Reading Time: 8 minutes: Key metrics to track in Performance Testing: Did you know that over 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a downtime of 1.6 hours every week? And it is costing your business a lot. Considering a Fortune 500 company with 10,000 employees pays $56 per hour, the cost to the company would be $896,000 weekly, translating … Read more

Performance testing benchmarks header image

Performance Testing benchmarks: Is your application performing better than the industry’s average?

Reading Time: 4 minutes: For many organizations and their customers, software applications are mission-critical. It is imperative to closely watch their performance in order to earn consumer trust and achieve ROIs, which are incidentally dependent upon the longevity and maintenance of the applications. A company must possess an adequate-sized IT infrastructure to provide the high-quality service required by its … Read more