Modify your test automation approach for the Microservices environment

Reading Time: 8 minutes: Microservices have gained a lot of traction across modern industries, and it is poised to get stronger in the upcoming years. The most popular companies such as Amazon, Google. Netflix, Uber, Spotify are leveraging microservices to achieve better agility and efficiency. Well, microservice is not a new concept. It has been used by companies for … Read more

Should you choose emulators or real; devices

Emulators vs Real devices for Test automation: Which is better?

Reading Time: 7 minutes: Mobile applications are in the golden era of embracing more hybrid and progressive applications. The rapid proliferation of mobile technology and the internet has led to an increased interest in the development of a lot of mobile applications.  Be it bill payments, shopping, or entertainment, we all are dependent on mobile apps. Can you believe … Read more

test automation challenges

Mitigate risks of Test automation failures by preparing for these challenges

Reading Time: 7 minutes: A risk is the probability of occurrence of an unexpected outcome that causes a negative impact. If a risk is not mitigated at the right time, then it can have catastrophic effects like loss of business revenue or even loss of life.  From the first computer to the modern smartphone, automation has slowly become a … Read more

Test Automation ROI

Test Automation ROI: How Do We Calculate It?

Reading Time: 7 minutes: Test Automation ROI : Introduction We are living in a technology-driven world where simple actions are interrelated with a huge web of applications and or websites. All business operations are entirely dependent on various software that need to be upgraded frequently, and bugs are fixed instantly for seamless operations. It is always necessary to adopt … Read more

Artificial intelligence in Automation Testing

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence in Automation Testing

Reading Time: 7 minutes: AI automation testing: We live in the age of disruption. Our daily lives have changed. Industries are getting transformed. From large to small businesses, AI is being used widely across the world. Let’s look at the key statistics about Artificial Intelligence.  “Artificial Intelligence” and “Software Testing” As the usage of AI has hit our day-to-day … Read more