What Is Multiple Device Testing?

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Multiple Device Testing – Introduction Today, we can see how the technology involved in mobile is swiftly evolving. Mobile phones have now developed from primary devices for communication to a gadget that can do anything. Ultimately, millions of apps are entering the market. Regularly, millions of people use various types of apps. There are apps … Read more

The Importance Of Customer Experience Testing

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Importance of Customer Experience Testing Do you know who has the supreme power of authority in any business in the Digital world? Well, you guessed it right. “THE CUSTOMERS” A customer who has a positive and happy experience with business always remain loyal and stay with the product for a longer period. According to research … Read more

Regression testing and retesting

What is Regression Testing and Retesting?

Reading Time: 2 minutes: Regression Testing and Retesting sound very similar, but they are two different terms used in different situations in Software Testing. Regression Testing and retesting meaning What is Regression Testing? Regression Testing is a type of software testing used to check the change of code/defect fix does not impact the originally working functionality of the application. … Read more

cypress testing


Reading Time: 4 minutes: Introduction to Cypress Testing ‘Technology make our life easier’, but how about the people who are behind the success of this Technology. Yes, the developers and testers also want to make their lives easier. Even though there exist many tools to speedup the development /testing process, many say that Cypress has made it much easier. … Read more

domain knowledge in software testing

Importance Of Domain Knowledge In Software Testing

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Testing industry is growing. With the increased growth in the industry, the basic knowledge of testing is not sufficient anymore. The demand of ‘Domain Knowledge’ in software testing is rising. Domain knowledge has become a crucial factor for a successful project. While there are many software tools, methodologies, and approaches existing in the market, there … Read more

State Transition Testing

Introduction to State Transition Testing

Reading Time: 3 minutes: ‘State Transition Testing’ is a black-box testing technique. State Transition Testing is useful when a system shows different responses to the same input, depending on current condition and previous history. State Transition Diagrams and Tables: Representation of State Transitions will be in the form of ‘State Transition Diagrams and Tables’. A ‘State Transition Diagram’ shows all valid … Read more

decision table testing

What is Decision Table Testing? Explained With Example

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Decision Table Testing is a Black Box test design technique (behavioral or behavior-based technique), used where different combinations of test input conditions result in different outcomes.When a system has complex business rules, then the decision table testing technique helps in identifying the correct test cases. As a result, it helps us to validate if the … Read more


What Is Boundary Value Analysis & ECP – Explained With Examples

Reading Time: 2 minutes:   Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Class Partitioning are the most common technique in Black-box Testing Techniques for test case design. Both are used to design test cases for validating a range of values for any given input domain. Both these techniques are used together at all levels of testing. Exhaustive testing is not possible … Read more

Black-Box-testing techniques


Reading Time: 2 minutes: Black-box Testing is a software testing technique performed usually without the knowledge of internal coding OR the structure of the Application Under Test (AUT). Black-box testing is also known as Behavioral Testing and these tests are both Functional and Non-Functional. We can use Black-box Testing Techniques in the following test levels. Unit Testing Integration Testing … Read more