Digital Transformation & Digital Assurance

Digital Transformation & Digital Assurance

Reading Time: 3 minutes: As we all know, the world is continuously moving towards digital transformation. It has been happening for the past many years. But now, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the IoT, and so many do you think there is a need to shift from Traditional Quality Assurance to Digital Assurance? The answer is … Read more

Software Testing Skills

[INFOGRAPHICS] Software Testing Skills

Reading Time: < 1 minutes: Defects, errors, and bugs are the nightmare for any software company. Defects may occur during the development process, but the identification of such defects should happen before releasing the build. Software testing is the only process through which we can identify them. Identifying bugs in an application is not an easy task. It requires a … Read more

Chrome Extensions for Testing


Reading Time: 4 minutes:  Do you know that there are some Chrome extension for testing to make your QA easier? Yes, we know that there are numerous challenges erupting from inability of testers to perform their task effectively including time consumption. But these google chrome extensions for testing can make things easier and increase your productivity in testing. Extensions … Read more

cybersecurity blog


Reading Time: 2 minutes: Do you know these statistics on Cybersecurity for 2019? According to a report on cyber threats by Verizon revealed that there is a huge increase in the amount of data that is being hacked/breached in the workplace. With the increase in the amount of data, number of users, and the systems, the rate of cyber … Read more