Trends in gaming industry - feature image

Emerging Trends in the Gaming Industry and Role of QA

Reading Time: 4 minutes: The industry’s competition is getting more intense. Game developers for RPG, indie, and VR games would find it vital to do QA testing using improved methodologies to enhance the gaming experience and increase its success. QA testing before market release can help make pertinent revisions. QA for new gaming trends is essential at every stage … Read more

QA Testing without requirements document

A Step-by-Step Guide To QA Testing Without Requirements Document

Reading Time: 3 minutes: A tester usually gets the client requirements document for the function that requires QA. There may be an issue of insufficient requirements or lack of documentation which leaves testers with no documentation to proceed with. The testers can always request documentation from the project manager, developer, product owner/engineering manager or also from the client. However, … Read more

test Automation scripts

How to Write Clean Test Automation Scripts

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Any QA expert will agree that for a product and its functionalities to perform optimally and render a good user experience, it must be flawless in the front-end and the backend. While development teams work their best tools and techniques to build great products, it falls on the QA expert’s shoulders to identify defects or … Read more

exploratory testing guide

Exploratory Testing: A Detailed Guide To Discover Defects

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Introduction To Exploratory Testing Exploratory Testing is a software testing approach where we remove the scripts entirely. The tester is given the freedom and responsibility to execute testing activities. Without prior knowledge about the product or guidelines for the testing process, testers interact with the app as they wish to get information related to the … Read more

tips to manage Outsourced QA Teams

Startup Guide : The Art Of Managing Outsourced QA Teams

Reading Time: 5 minutes: Introduction To Outsourced QA Teams: The amount of competition in the tech industry is enormous. Every other day, we see a slew of innovative products hit the market. Gaining a competitive advantage over competitors is only feasible when startups effectively offer their clients/customers what they need. (i.e., high-quality goods). Large corporations will have high-level teams … Read more

Banking Application Testing Can Be Disastrous If You Don’t Focus On These 5 Areas

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Introduction To Banking Application Testing We live in a digital age when everything we need is literary at our fingertips. With recent innovations and advancements in technology, the banking industry is also going through digital evolution. But the complexities tangled in the functioning of a banking application and the amount of crucial data these apps … Read more

All About Product Risks And Project Risks

Reading Time: 2 minutes: Product risks and Project Risks – Introduction “A Project is a solution to a Problem, Solving which you get a working Product” – Anonymous Many people will often have a puzzled look on their faces when they hear the terms; Product risks and Project risks. Many individuals find it difficult to understand. Henceforth let us … Read more

Fintech application testing services in India

[INFOGRAPHIC] Fintech Application Testing – QAonCloud

Reading Time: 2 minutes: fintech application testing infographic Fintech Fintech is about the idea of the financial sector going digital. To put it merely, Fintech is anywhere where technology applies in financial services. Today, we can perceive how the financial world is changing quicker than at any other time! The tools provided by fintech are changing how many consumers … Read more

Test Automation Framework

A Beginner’s Guide To Test Automation Framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes: At the point when you start to find out about test automation, you may go over the expression “Test automation framework”. Perhaps some of you get overwhelmed with this term and start to feel that it is something that is tough to understand and considerably more hard to execute. The Test Automation Framework  is nothing but  … Read more

Tools for automating MAC

Best tools for automating MAC Stand-alone applications

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Tools for automating MAC: Before looking at the best tools for automating MAC stand-alone applications, let’s have a glance at ‘Standalone application’ ! A standalone application is an application that runs locally on the device and doesn’t require anything else to be functional. All the logic is built into the app, so it doesn’t need … Read more

Biggest IoT Testing Challenges

Internet Of Things – Biggest IoT Testing Challenges

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Biggest IoT testing challenges Content Contributors: Ranvitha Rao & Pooja B K Information is a great way to reduce waste and increase efficiency; that’s really what the Internet of things provide. –Kevin Ashton, the Father of the Internet of Things. overcome IoT Testing Challenges The term “Internet of Things” was first coined by Kevin Ashton, … Read more

right mobile automation testing tool

How to Select the right mobile test automation tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes: best mobile test automation tool Mobile test automation has become indispensable in the software development industry. Testing a mobile application through mobile test automation helps development teams to progress faster and without breaking existing features. Testing out each and every feature on different devices, operating systems, and versions is difficult and very time-consuming for test … Read more

selenium for automation testing

Why Customers Choose Selenium For Automation Testing?

Reading Time: 4 minutes: selenium for automation testing Content Contributors: Susmitha.S & Jayasurya.A (QAonCloud) Jason Hugins created Selenium in 2004 at ThoughtWorks. Since then Selenium has grown into one of the best open-source tools for automation testing of different web-browsers.  For testing web applications, Selenium is a portable framework.    Selenium Suite is a collection of 4 different components: Selenium … Read more