A Guide to Effectively Managing QA Budgets in 2023

A Guide to Effectively Managing QA Budgets in 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes: As QA budgets become increasingly important in the modern economy, businesses need an effective QA budget management strategy. QA budgets are a crucial part of any business, regardless of size. They typically cover both software testing costs and in-house QA partnership costs. As such, they must be managed carefully and efficiently to ensure that the most value … Read more

How To Evaluate Test Automation Success - Feature image

How To Evaluate Test Automation Success For A Project

Reading Time: 5 minutes: In the fast-paced world of software development, automation is quickly becoming an essential tool for testing the quality of a project. Automating specific tests can save time and money while ensuring that all necessary conditions are met before launching any changes or additions to your product. However, measuring the success of these automated tests can … Read more

AR/VR testing for retail applications feature image

AR/VR testing in Retail For Immersive Shopping Experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes: AR/VR in retail has become the norm as it helps deliver customers an immersive shopping experience. AR/VR testing in retail will help ensure the best possible customer shopping experience. People have already begun to use augmented and virtual reality to make the right purchase decisions. This has pushed multiple brands to invest in AR/VR to … Read more

Enabling crash-proof streaming apps for the holiday season - feature image

Enabling Crash-Proof Streaming Apps For The Holiday Season

Reading Time: 4 minutes: People are in the holiday rush, hopping from store to store, purchasing gifts for their loved ones, and using exclusive holiday deals. But once the shopping frenzy cools off, guess what happens next? They turn to streaming apps to watch their favorite show or movie with their families and relax. This isn’t an isolated event; … Read more

software testing and qa services in florida

Best Software Testing & QA Services in Florida

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Software Testing Services in Florida In an era of tight competition, investing in a quality software testing and QA service can give you a competitive edge to rise above the competition and launch cutting-edge branded software solutions in the market; Florida, in particular, is a thriving market for software quality assurance testing service companies. Moreover, … Read more

e-commerce application testing

E-Commerce Application Testing: Is your app ready for Black Friday Sales?

Reading Time: 5 minutes: E-commerce Application Testing is necessary if you want your Black Friday sales to be successful. It is the biggest sales day of the year, returning $8.9 billion in online sales in 2021. Every e-commerce store worldwide will look to get the best out of the sales weekend. From promotions to offers, e-commerce stores are gearing … Read more

Importance of testing new product or app before launching it to the market

Why Is It Important To Test New Products/Apps Before Launching?

Reading Time: 4 minutes: No one likes discovering that their new favorite app is full of glitches or that the latest must-have product is a dud. That’s why companies put so much effort into testing their products before they launch. But what exactly goes into making sure a product is ready for prime time? In this article, we’ll look … Read more

Major Industries That Will Focus More on QA Testing in 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes: With the rapid changes and technological growth, it’s no surprise that many industries are emphasizing quality assurance (QA) testing. As a result, various industries will focus more on quality assurance (QA) testing in 2022. It is due to the importance of QA testing in ensuring that products and services meet the required standards and specifications. … Read more

Comprehensive Regression Testing - feature image

Comprehensive Regression Testing To Achieve High-Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Reading Time: 4 minutes: In 2016, Nest Thermostat released an update that rendered all their devices’ software unresponsive. On one of the coldest weekends, customers were forced to contend with the weather. The company realized it needed adequate regression testing before upgrading the software. Regression testing is one of the forms of testing that the QA team uses to … Read more

Creating a Safer Gaming Environment Through Game Security Testing | Feature image

Creating a Safer Gaming Environment Through Game Security Testing

Reading Time: 5 minutes: Gaming has come a long way since the arcade games we played on Nintendo. Thanks to Virtual and Augmented reality, Gamers now get to experience the game instead of just playing.  But let’s not forget,  with great innovations comes an even greater threat.  Here are some stats that throws a light on the importance of … Read more

implementing effective test automation in agile environment to bring down release cycle time

Implementing Effective Test Automation In Agile Environments To Reduce Release Cycle Time

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Worrying about delayed-release cycles? Implementing Test Automation in Agile processes can help speed up your release cycle. Before adopting Agile development concepts, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) frequently used the Waterfall Model. As a result, the Waterfall Model was the first widely used model for software development. This methodology linearly approached development, much like a … Read more

Reduce app crashes and enhance mobile user experience with mobile app testing service

Bring Down App Crashes and Elevate Mobile User Experience With Our Professional Mobile App Testing Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Applications crash when the operating system induces automatic shutdown. Mobile app crashes significantly impact performance and user retention. Apps that crash frequently are uninstalled, often never to be used again. Mobile app testing plays a significant role to bring down app crashes and giving better usability and performance. According to an analysis by Uninstall.io, 94% … Read more

Testing blockchain apps

New Challenges in Software Testing for Next-Gen Blockchain Apps

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Blockchain Technology is the next revolution in the digital sphere. A blockchain is a shared distributed database or ledger between computer network nodes, and it serves as an electronic database for storing data in digital form.  The novelty of a blockchain is that it fosters confidence without the necessity for reliable third data. Blockchain testing … Read more

End-to-end web3 App testing

End-to-end tests for Web3 Apps for Better Interoperability

Reading Time: 3 minutes: In the last few years, the development of web3 apps has grown exponentially. Web3 apps are decentralized applications that run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer network. A user workflow for end-to-end testing is more challenging to establish in web3 applications than it is with typical internet applications. It is due to the two primary reasons unique to … Read more