VR Game Testing: Types, Complexities, tools and benefits

VR Game Testing: How It Has Changed the Face of Game Testing

Reading Time: 4 minutes: The gaming industry is one of the largest and most popular forms of entertainment. It constantly evolves and changes with new technologies, genres, and platforms. Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the popularity of VR game (virtual reality games). Virtual reality games are the ones that will let players … Read more


How QAonCloud Can Help Gaming Startups Take Their Game Global

Reading Time: 4 minutes: With the constantly evolving technology, industries anticipate a $300 billion increase in mobile gaming revenue by 2025. Businesses are increasing their learning pace by considering this development and expansion. Users will undoubtedly seek quality as gaming applications expand in popularity. Testing games was essential and mandatory for all gaming companies, especially gaming startups. The technique’s … Read more

Outsourcing testing to QAonCloud

How QAonCloud Has Changed The Game for These Software Companies

Reading Time: 4 minutes: The traditional in-house testing model is no longer feasible for modern software companies. The ever-changing landscape of technology has made it nearly impossible for in-house testing teams to keep up with the latest trends and tools. The high cost of maintaining an in-house testing team has become a burden for most companies. Outsourcing testing to … Read more

Quality assurance Myths

Debunking Software Testing & Digital Quality Assurance Myths

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Digital Assurance Myths There are several internet-related stories about software failures that resulted in disasters. After reading numerous case studies, the primary cause is poor software testing and maintenance. Software quality audit is critical to enhancing the application’s quality and boosting the company’s value by building reputation and trust with its customers. Software Testing and … Read more

software test release cycle

Delayed Releases? Know How a QA Testing Partner Can Improve Your Release Velocity

Reading Time: 3 minutes: One of the major downfalls for software and mobile applications is delayed launches. Businesses’ inability to meet customer demands on time is another. Current market trends and the digital landscape require frequent, efficient, and comprehensive software test release cycle to remain competitive. However, by meeting the speed quotient of software test releases, one cannot compromise … Read more

QA Outsourcing Guide - feature image

A Short Guide To Selecting The Best Software Testing Partner

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Having faulty products delivered to customers can seriously injure brand credibility and lead to customer churn. Choosing the software testing partner, especially with testing in an  outsourcing model, is pivotal to the product’s success or detrimental downfall. This QA outsourcing guide to selecting a software testing partner has comprehensive insights on the various features and … Read more

managed software testing - feature image

How Managed Software Testing Services Can Fast-Track Digital Transformation

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Managed Software Testing Digital transformation is a revolutionizing process for businesses. It allows businesses to expand their operations, deliver accurate and fast solutions. It helps in improving efficiency and also enhancing communication within the enterprise. The success rate of digital transformation is highly dependent on development teams. The development teams should ensure that the digital … Read more

Comparing Costs for Building an Internal Software Testing Team vs. Outsourcing

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Anytime an expert is asked if a company should outsource software testing, the answer is almost always “it depends”. While QA outsourcing is the best choice for most companies, the pros and cons of in-house and outsourced software testing teams come down to this one deciding factor: Cost! Any stakeholder or a business board meeting … Read more

Risks and Costs of Insufficient Software Testing

Reading Time: 3 minutes: According to the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), poor quality software cost businesses USD 2.8 trillion in the US alone in 2018. Ars Technica, in one of their studies, found that for every thousand lines of code written, there are 100-150 errors. Insufficient software testing risks more than the loss of user data, money, … Read more

Meet our Expert – Divya Gurumoorthi

Reading Time: 2 minutes: 1. Tell us about yourself  I’m Divya Gurumoorthi from Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu. I earned my bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering. My experience with QAonCloud spans the past five years and I currently hold the role of Senior Test Engineer. 2. What made you choose software testing as your career?  Curiosity is in my DNA, … Read more

Banking App Testing

A Rookie’s Guide To Banking App Testing

Reading Time: 5 minutes: The banking industry is fraught with risks and must take advantage of innovative technologies to drive operations. Banks must strive to achieve progress while providing a stable application with advanced features. While its customers prefer stable operations, the banking industry must ensure adequate security safeguards to prevent data breaches. So, is there any way out … Read more

Fintech app testing

Fintech App Testing Strategy: What to test?

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Fintech App Testing: Fintech is a growing industry where businesses find this particular digital business platform as a plethora of opportunities in this digital economy. This industry has gained a substantial amount of investors because of its success, but on the other hand, it also has its own set of unique challenges to conquer.  For … Read more

How to perform spike testing

How to perform Spike Testing: Best practices, tools, and examples

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Applications under production receive variable traffic, subject to sudden growth or reduction in the number of application users. End-user variations put application servers under stress which might lead to unexpected crashes and breakdowns. Such defects can be validated by running Spike Testing. It is one of the building blocks of performance testing used to detect … Read more