[Infographics] Agile or Waterfall Method: Which one should you go for?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes: The waterfall method is a sequential software development model first described in 1970. This method has its roots in the manufacturing and construction industries, where it is necessary to complete each phase in its entirety before moving to the next step. Its straightforward and systematic approach is often considered to be its great strength. The … Read more

current trends in software testing

6 Emerging Trends that will transform Software Testing

Reading Time: 5 minutes: Upcoming trends in Software Testing: There is an assumption that software development is all about speed. Whoever delivers first-to-market features and updates stands to consolidate the industry in the long run. While the belief is indeed valid, an equally important but often ignored part is ensuring the software is bug-free. The reason being that users … Read more

[INFOGRAPHICS] Five Phases of Penetration Testing

Reading Time: < 1 minutes: A Penetration Test is a simulated external hacking into your own application to identify security vulnerabilities. By carrying out simulated attacks, you can uncover weak points through which a hacker can gain sensitive information. A weak point can be anything from system glitches, possible human errors, and susceptibility to brute force attacks. Nowadays, due to … Read more

Techniques Of Test Data Generation That Can Change The Testing Game

Reading Time: 2 minutes: Test Data Generation – Introduction Test data generation is a critical aspect of the software testing life cycle. Tests like Stress Testing, Performance Testing, and Load testing require a huge volume of data to produce proper results. Thus, testers constantly need to look for ways to generate a large amount of data in addition to … Read more