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Is there anyone in the software testing world, that does not know about the upcoming new trends like AI in Software Testing?

There is absolutely nobody in the tech world, who has not heard about artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are using the AI and Machine Learning in our everyday life, either consciously or unconsciously.

Not sure?

Do you know Siri of Apple or Amazon’s Alexa?


Those are all examples of AI and ML-based applications.

AI is the most potent and also the power-packed buzz word, which stands as the face of our advanced tech future.

AI in software testing:

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can unlock the power of crucial data like project documentation, test-artifacts, defect logs, results of tests performed, production incidents, etc.,

With the help of AI in software testing, we can undoubtedly drive automation & innovation to improvise the QA efficiency. The improvement will be beyond our expectations when compared to traditional testing.

What Does ‘AI in Software Testing’ really mean?

The only process that guarantees customer satisfaction of using an application is Software Testing. Software testing helps in protecting an application against all the possible potential failures that might finally lead to a defective software product.

AI Era In Software Testing Industry Has Already Begun?

The complexity of Software development life cycle and the reducing delivery period are increasing at an alarming rate. Correspondingly, there is a need to provide instant feedback and evaluation to the development team.

On the other hand, when the developer adds new changes to the code, the existing code, which has already gone through testing, might stop working. So, after every addition made to existing code, new tests are to be conducted for that code.

Also, the Tester may always face a plethora of problems and waste a lot of time figuring out perfect solutions for all those problems. It is time for the testers to stop working harder and start working smarter. The software testers are left with no choice than to adapt and make use of AI in Software Testing and become smarter.

Does AI In Software Testing Will Fuel Up The Testing Process?

The ‘surface area’ of software testing has been expanded significantly. One application will interact with other application using APIs and thus will grow into a sophisticated thing day-by-day. But these complexities may not always be in a linear trend.

So, the traditional methods of software development and delivery, lack of fueling innovation. Even though there is a reduction in the delivery period, the technical complexity in the software development and testing process is also increasing.

1. Testing Becomes A Smart Process

It is possible for the organizations to cope up with the accelerating pace of testing through AI.

Whereas, the manual testing process cannot achieve the accelerating pace, no matter how hard we try. Also, manual testing too expensive in terms of time and money we spend.

And that is where the AI comes into the picture. It helps tester in writing script, analyzing large amounts of data sets, as well as sorting log files, faster.

2. Changes Can Be Identified Easily

The regular updates in the algorithm of Artificial Intelligence will help testers ensure that even the smallest change made or occurred, especially in the source code, can be identified easily in no time.

As a result, we can check in the source code and notify the development team if there is any failure on their side.

3. We Can Improve Accuracy Of Testing

AI, when employed in the software testing, we can derive great results in terms of accuracy of the testing process. Even the most experienced tester might miss some crucial bugs and may make mistakes while carrying out the testing.

It might require to conduct repetitive manual tests to remove the bugs and also to increase the test coverage. Therefore, AI helps to automate the scripts to run and execute the same steps in the same order.

4. AI Helps You Go Beyond The Manual Testing

If a testing department wants to execute a controlled web application testing with more than 1000 users, it will be nearly impossible. But with the help of AI, one can stimulate thousands of interactive users throughout a network or web application.

5. AI Can Increase Overall Test Coverage

AI, coupled with software testing, can increase the depth and scope of the tests. It will ultimately lead to the overall improvement of the quality of software.

We can put test suit optimization, UI testing enhancement, increasing traceability, analyzing defects, prediction of the next test in order to determine pass/fail outcomes, etc., into the actual working.

AI induced software testing can help us take a more in-depth look at the memory and file contents, internal programs and also the data tables. Software should behave as it is expected to behave and with this in mind, testing is performed.

The Final Words:

In brief, the ultimate aim of using AI in Software Testing is to make the world a better place, by making the testing process more accessible. As a result, we can create the best quality software.

We can also execute thousands of test cases in every test run resulting in coverage, which is impossible to get with manual tests.

We can expect the testing process to take lesser time in the coming days, because of AI in testing, . So, it saves both time & money and thus helping testers focus on making the software better.

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