7 Things to remember before testing software applications

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The art of testing software applications is progressing rapidly.

Within the blink of an eye, time flies. Technology? Growth is the watchword. Everyday someone or the other is creating something. But when you look at it only very few of the creation Is being recognized. Why is that?

People show interest in other creation only when they can relate it to their life, only when they have a necessity for the new product. And only when the product is really worth the use. Here the product we talk about is the software.

While developing the product, there is an imperative step that has to be given equal attention as developing the software is testing the software. The business of the product suffers if software testing is not done properly.

Here are some keen things to keep in mind before you start testing software applications.

1. There is no such test called a failure :

We all know the words Thomas Alva Edison said when his test case for his greatest invention the electric bulb. “ I have not failed, I just found 10000 ways that won’t work to light an electric bulb.” similarly do not ignore the final test result when it says “fail”. because every failure is a stepping stone for success. Every test case provides a solution for the software to work perfectly.

2 . Test coverage:

 Break down your test coverage into smaller modules. That makes your work organized. Categorize your test case in certain parts. that way you can try to reach the maximum test coverage if not 100 %

3 .Testing software application is your cardio

Test your application in such a way you will find some bug. Don’t have a lethargic mind while testing. The more you test the more you find.

4 . Think out of the box

Thinking out of the box is one of the good quality for a software tester. What could be the possible errors to occur ? group all the test cases into regression testing. this helps in a lot of time-saving when comes to manual regression testing.

5 . Be a responsible tester

Keep track of all the changes you have made at the time of testing.  At the time of releasing the software, you need to ensure that you remove all the test changes you have made in the code for the purpose of testing.

6.  Give your software testing a SWOT analysis

Prioritize your testing. Segregate the testing according to the risk. associate the priorities with high to low risk. it helps you to analyze the work more effectively and efficiently.

7. Focus on the solution, not the problem.

It is common to provide a bug report which says where the problem is located. But be a good tester by saying why the problem has occurred. And give a proper reason and solution for rectifying the bug in the future.

So, before you start to test a product, just remember that your mindset is as important as your effort.

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