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Are you aware of the most common principles of software testing?

Software Testing = Quality + Reliability.

In the last decade, the software field is growing very rapidly. The users have become more demanding and faster applications are being sought. While businesses invest a lot of time and money on developing such software, they refuse to invest on its testing. This can have minor to major repercussions. 

During the development phase, a software can have umpteen number of risks. Why not mitigate the known risks through software testing?


Testing is an integral part of software development as it ensures a bug-free application. It gives an assurance to the user about the software quality. If this process is skipped, it might lead to huge problems in the future because even a small bug can provide access to the hacker to steal all the important data. Hence, it is necessary to remove all the bugs from an application before delivering it to the user. And to do that you need to understand some basic principles of software testing.

There are different ways to perform the software testing. But a software tester should choose the exact strategy and method so that we can achieve optimum test results. A well crafted strategy involves a set of principles and practices. we have to follow them without any fail.

7 pinciples of software testingprinciples of software testing

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