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Why Automation Testing is the best?


Automation testing benefits:


Software testing and quality assurance teams struggle a lot to deliver the best quality software products. But the software when reaches the end-user will still have some defects.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing is a software testing technique, used to check whether actual results of the product are matching with expected results. In this technique, test engineers will use a tool to execute test case suite.

Why You Should Migrate?

Software testers sit in front of computers for hours to carefully execute all the test cases manually. Testers will go through all the application windows, trying all the possible input combinations.

They will compare the actual results with expected results and records their observations.

Manual testers will repeat those steps often so that they can find any changes in code that might have occurred.

Automation Testing Tools will help testers to record, and playback pre-recorded actions & finally generate a report.

Once the test cases are created, they can be repeated and can also be extended to any other similar project.

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