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Software glitch !!! The most familiar word we hear every day in today’s broad digital landscape. Software glitches, data breaches, and system breakdowns are the nightmares of every global enterprise in the digital world. Software glitches happen all the time, which threatens and puts the brand value of a global enterprise in danger. So, avoiding software errors is very necessary to produce the best quality software and to satisfy end-users. Global companies became much more proactive than before and looking out to secure their applications as well as their client’s confidential data.

Recent reports showed that more than a billion people became victims of the software glitches across various industries and domains. The Global average cost of a data breach for 2019 is $3.92 million, which is 1.5 per cent more when compared to 2018. Therefore, we need to avoid the occurrence of these breaches and glitches before it hits the market. Software testing can reduce the occurrence of these Glitches and thereby ensures that the best quality has been shipped to the market.

What Are Software Glitches?

The term ‘Software Glitch’ was first defined in 1965 by an astronaut John Glenn and his team. It refers to “the failure of a program, to complete its functions or to perform a set of functions properly.”  Wikipedia defines ‘Glitch’ as “A short-lived fault in a system such as a transient fault that corrects itself, making it difficult to troubleshoot. Fixing most of these glitches is possible in the earlier stages. But finding Some glitches is too difficult. We can find them when it is too late or after the occurrence of enormous collateral damage. But, Avoiding these glitches is possible through rigorous testing procedures before the application hit the market. Here are the top 5 software glitches of the software industry, which throws a light on the importance and significance of testing.

Top Software Glitches & Breaches which could be avoided with Testing

We must give more importance to Software Testing and Quality Assurance in the software development process. We have to carefully craft strategies and plans related to Software Testing, so as to find the glitches in the software.

1. Software Glitches in Fiat Chrysler – January 2018

A small software glitch made Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recall 162,000Chrysler Pacifica Minivans, a model which was released back in 2017. A tragic accident happened in 2017, resulting in a crash death and 2 injuries.

It was reported that the software glitch caused the vehicles to stall abruptly and temporarily disable the side airbags steering, that resulted in the accident. The software glitch caused the engine control module to compromise, which resulted in a sudden drop. Above all, the automobile sector is a sector where continuous testing is very important and mandatory as it is highly life-sensitive. The software should be continuously tested and upgraded in real-time. Therefore, Strategic QA and testing must be implemented to avoid situations like this.

2. Welsh NHS IT Failure – January 2018

A software glitch in NHS computer systems left doctors unable to access patient’s crucial data like contact details, major health reports, including blood tests, and also X-rays.

Later, the Welsh department of health and social services revealed that the problem was due to system failure in two data centers.

Due to this, the staff was unable to contact the patients for shuffling their appointments. This software glitch has undoubtedly created a significant disruption.

Conducting continuous testing to check the flaws, and to upgrade the software, can help us in avoiding situations like this.

3. Canva Security Breach- May 2019

The Australian tech company and designer’s favorite online tool, ‘Canva’ too suffered from a data breach. This incident took place on May 24, 2019. Data related to 139 million users has fallen into the hands of hackers.

After that, Canva Reported that the hackers accessed some crucial user information like usernames, names, email addresses, country, passwords, etc.,

Certainly, for companies like Canva, securing sensitive user data using encryption methods should be of high priority. But what’s more important is to check the system and applications for any vulnerabilities.

A better security testing strategy to safeguard critical data and to ensure a robust backup is very important for all kinds of institutions and organizations. security testing and network penetration testing helps organizations to find out all kinds of vulnerabilities in the system.

4. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp Crash – July 2019.

Communication apps, namely, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, experienced a significant downtime which lasted for more than 15 hours in the first week of July. More than 80% of users took to Twitter complaining about not being able to log in, load, send, and receive content via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. A technical glitch in WhatsApp, Insta, and Fb, led to an outage, which in turn led to the inconvenience among millions of users. Testing and Quality Assurance (QA), is an integral part of Mobile app development. Ignorance of the critical nature of mobile app leads to the presence of bugs in the software. Therefore, executing mobile app testing procedures like load testing, performance testing, and functionality testing should be conducted to avoid embarrassing problems.

5. British Airways IT System Glitch (airways) – August 2019

We can assure you that your customers will be unsatisfied if they find glitches in your software. Especially if you own airline business. British Airways’ system glitch forced tens of thousands of users to cancel their tickets during the busiest month of August 2019. Nearly 90 short-haul flights got canceled across Europe, and the UK, due to this computer glitch. This problem had also affected the mobile app of British airlines. Functional testing and continuous testing are critical. High traffic businesses like airlines, need to carry out continuous testing procedures and integration to experience seamless and smooth operations.

Final Words

To sum up, in this software world, delivering the best quality and increase brand value. That is why at QA on Cloud, we want to help you deliver quality software that your end-users would love. We provide various testing services to identify errors, glitches, and also bugs as quickly as possible. Our Team of testers have expertise in conducting various testing procedures using tools based on your requirements. We might not save the world, but hopefully, we’ll save you a bit of your time.

To read more about our Software Testing and QA services, check out our services page. Talk to our experts today.

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