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Do you know that there are pitfalls of software testing which fail the entire software testing process?

pitfalls of software testing

Here are the most common pitfalls that many professional software testers are succumbed to.

Software Testing is the last line of defense to detect defects in software and also to remove them before the release. A Tester invests a lot of time in projects to make a product the best of its kind.

Numerous reports of software problems have proven that regardless of the efforts of testers, testing often fails in practice. This is due to the ignorance of some pitfalls of software testing.

According to recent reports, a significant share of software engineering research is dedicated to software testing. Testing typically identifies only 25%-50% of defects during the process.

This is why most of the delivered software products are with hundreds and thousands of residual defects.

So, testers should look out for the most common pitfalls of testing and avoid them. There is still a great potential to improve software testing in practice.

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