A Guide to Effectively Managing QA Budgets in 2023

A Guide to Effectively Managing QA Budgets in 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes: As QA budgets become increasingly important in the modern economy, businesses need an effective QA budget management strategy. QA budgets are a crucial part of any business, regardless of size. They typically cover both software testing costs and in-house QA partnership costs. As such, they must be managed carefully and efficiently to ensure that the most value … Read more

How To Evaluate Test Automation Success - Feature image

How To Evaluate Test Automation Success For A Project

Reading Time: 5 minutes: In the fast-paced world of software development, automation is quickly becoming an essential tool for testing the quality of a project. Automating specific tests can save time and money while ensuring that all necessary conditions are met before launching any changes or additions to your product. However, measuring the success of these automated tests can … Read more

AR/VR testing for retail applications feature image

AR/VR testing in Retail For Immersive Shopping Experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes: AR/VR in retail has become the norm as it helps deliver customers an immersive shopping experience. AR/VR testing in retail will help ensure the best possible customer shopping experience. People have already begun to use augmented and virtual reality to make the right purchase decisions. This has pushed multiple brands to invest in AR/VR to … Read more

Enabling crash-proof streaming apps for the holiday season - feature image

Enabling Crash-Proof Streaming Apps For The Holiday Season

Reading Time: 4 minutes: People are in the holiday rush, hopping from store to store, purchasing gifts for their loved ones, and using exclusive holiday deals. But once the shopping frenzy cools off, guess what happens next? They turn to streaming apps to watch their favorite show or movie with their families and relax. This isn’t an isolated event; … Read more