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Emerging Trends in the Gaming Industry and Role of QA

Reading Time: 4 minutes: The industry’s competition is getting more intense. Game developers for RPG, indie, and VR games would find it vital to do QA testing using improved methodologies to enhance the gaming experience and increase its success. QA testing before market release can help make pertinent revisions. QA for new gaming trends is essential at every stage … Read more


How QAonCloud Can Help Gaming Startups Take Their Game Global

Reading Time: 4 minutes: With the constantly evolving technology, industries anticipate a $300 billion increase in mobile gaming revenue by 2025. Businesses are increasing their learning pace by considering this development and expansion. Users will undoubtedly seek quality as gaming applications expand in popularity. Testing games was essential and mandatory for all gaming companies, especially gaming startups. The technique’s … Read more

Outsourcing testing to QAonCloud

How QAonCloud Has Changed The Game for These Software Companies

Reading Time: 4 minutes: The traditional in-house testing model is no longer feasible for modern software companies. The ever-changing landscape of technology has made it nearly impossible for in-house testing teams to keep up with the latest trends and tools. The high cost of maintaining an in-house testing team has become a burden for most companies. Outsourcing testing to … Read more

Quality assurance Myths

Debunking Software Testing & Digital Quality Assurance Myths

Reading Time: 3 minutes: Digital Assurance Myths There are several internet-related stories about software failures that resulted in disasters. After reading numerous case studies, the primary cause is poor software testing and maintenance. Software quality audit is critical to enhancing the application’s quality and boosting the company’s value by building reputation and trust with its customers. Software Testing and … Read more