Test cases for Automation testing

How To Select Right Test Cases For Automation Testing

Reading Time: 7 minutes: Automation test criteria: From withdrawing cash from ATMs, taking medical appointments, to buying parking lot tickets and groceries, automation is everywhere. The automation of straightforward tasks as well as complex activities like self-driving cars promises to save you a lot of time and costs. The same is the case with testing practices. Back in the … Read more

Artificial intelligence in Automation Testing

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence in Automation Testing

Reading Time: 7 minutes: AI automation testing: We live in the age of disruption. Our daily lives have changed. Industries are getting transformed. From large to small businesses, AI is being used widely across the world. Let’s look at the key statistics about Artificial Intelligence.  “Artificial Intelligence” and “Software Testing” As the usage of AI has hit our day-to-day … Read more

A detailed comparison of popular JavaScript testing automation tools and frameworks

Reading Time: 9 minutes: JavaScript Automation tools: “Automation” is always the first thing in mind when we talk about technology. Automating the processes make everything easier, quicker, and better. After all, it is an uncomfortable fact that automation can execute a lot of tasks a lot quicker than humans can.  Whether it is a startup or large-scale business, every company … Read more