Tools for automating MAC

Best tools for automating MAC Stand-alone applications

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Tools for automating MAC: Before looking at the best tools for automating MAC stand-alone applications, let’s have a glance at ‘Standalone application’ ! A standalone application is an application that runs locally on the device and doesn’t require anything else to be functional. All the logic is built into the app, so it doesn’t need … Read more

Biggest IoT Testing Challenges

Internet Of Things – Biggest IoT Testing Challenges

Reading Time: 4 minutes: Biggest IoT testing challenges Content Contributors: Ranvitha Rao & Pooja B K Information is a great way to reduce waste and increase efficiency; that’s really what the Internet of things provide. –Kevin Ashton, the Father of the Internet of Things. overcome IoT Testing Challenges The term “Internet of Things” was first coined by Kevin Ashton, … Read more