Virtualization In Software Testing

[INFOGRAPHIC] Virtualization In Software Testing

Reading Time: < 1 minutes: virtualization in software testing Software testing is an essential & comprehensive part of the software development process. Therefore, the amount of time and money that a company invests in testing will have an ultimate effect on the end product. A tester has to perform different tasks in the process of testing a product which includes … Read more

guide to website testing

[INFOGRAPHIC] – The Ultimate Guide To Website Testing

Reading Time: < 1 minutes: website testing – the guide for QA engineers Here is an infographic on Website Testing We can’t ignore the fact that the internet has become an integral part of our life. People are making decisions by googling the information on the Internet. Therefore, having or hosting a website for the organization is no longer an … Read more

e commerce testing techniques- ultimate guide for qa engineers

E-Commerce Testing Techniques – The Ultimate Guide For QA Engineers

Reading Time: 6 minutes: e-commerce testing techniques intoduction: Planning, designing, and finally building an eCommerce website is a time taking and complicated process. If we take no step to ensure the functionality of the app, all the efforts and the time spent to build the application will go in vain. Testing an eCommerce website requires domain knowledge and different … Read more