What Made QAonCloud The Best Outsourced QA Testing Company

best outsourced qa testing company

What Made QAonCloud The Best Outsourced QA Testing Company

Being the best outsourced QA testing company is not merely a claim you can make. Here’s a post that details why QAonCloud has earned that title.

Software testing and Quality Analysis are two of the most critical aspects of your software development process.

Timely and thorough QA testing is key to building high-quality products and services that your customers trust and love.

From a business perspective, it is a quite challenging task if you don’t have the right resources and expertise on your side.

Often, in-house employees may not have the time, specialized skills, training, or even the technical resources necessary for this.

How To Find The Best Outsourced QA Testing Company?

Outsourcing QA testing to a specialist company can help by taking the load off your professional teams while ensuring a faster time to market for your products.

Besides cutting down costs and reducing development efforts, working with a specialized global QA testing company can help improve objectivity, efficiency, and productivity for your business.

Attributes Of The Best Outsourced QA Testing Company:

A comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), strict adherence to Intellectual Property norms, and effective communication channels for continuous collaboration and communication are some of the main things to consider before you outsource QA testing

Answering the below questions will help you identify and also to select the best Outsourced QA testing company for your business.

Does The Company Possess Relevant Industry Experience And Expertise?

This one’s a no-brainer. The QA testing provider must bring with it proven industry experience and relevant expertise in technology and QA processes.

Before you outsource testing, you need to see whether the company can share its experience, propose new ideas, and fresh approaches. You must also get critical insights and guidance from the company, based on the latest developments in the industry.

However, a vendor who can help you channel your efforts to the right areas and communicates the learnings from other global companies can dramatically improve your product.

Does It Contain The Best Technology Framework And Practices?

A prospective QA testing partner should have well laid out best practices for IP confidentiality, resource, and workflow management.

Whether it is project planning, management, bug reporting, or test case documentation, you need an expert. Also, that expert should have a clearly defined technology framework and processes for complete transparency and efficiency.

Your best bet is an organization that has built on its years of valuable experience in completing projects on time. Above all, such an organization should use well-documented best practices, methodologies, and tool-chains.

Agile methods play a crucial role in software development, and we cannot ignore the importance of testing in Agile methods. Therefore, it is imperative to see that your testing partner integrated agile practices into its framework or not.

Does The Company Support Global Businesses And Teams?

One of the main benefits of outsourced testing is FLEXIBILITY, while the coordinating efforts for global businesses can be more tricky.

Your outsourced testing QA company should have the ability to work seamlessly with all your global teams.

Essential Qualities Of The Best outsourced QA testing company

Look out for these qualities to decide whether your outsourced QA testing company is the best in industry or not:

          • Transparency in work
          • Clear and Timely communication
          • Good understanding of priorities
          • Ability to respond dynamically to the changing needs of your product and business.

best outsourced qa testing company

What Makes QAonCloud the Best Outsourced QA Testing Company?

QAonCloud supports global clients from across the world on a range of products from SaaS to mobile to web products.

QAonCloud’s fully managed end-to-end software testing solutions combine all the above features. We aim at providing your business with flexible and customized QA outsourced testing services.

Here are six reasons why you can trust QAonCloud’s outsourced QA testing for your business.

#1. End To End Management

QAonCloud provides dedicated technical architects and delivery managers who offer you a seamless experience. They are experts in managing all aspects of your project.

From manual testing and automation testing to functional and UI testing, QAonCloud’s services span the entire range of the spectrum. It deploys best agile practices with defect identification at all stages of testing.

#2. Best In Class Processes

Tightly run processes lie at the core of QAonCloud’s engagement plans. Also, every business need is different. Keeping that in mind, We at QAonCloud, formulate a comprehensive Test Strategy and Plan at the beginning of the engagement.

These test strategies are tailored to fit your business’s software, timelines, and needs. This guiding document is, however, regularly updated and modified with time to keep in sync with your changing needs.

The expert team at QAonCloud is responsible for the preparation of test cases as per the test strategy. Automation scripting and detailed bug reporting are other features that ensure improved efficiency, timely delivery, and complete transparency.

#3. Security, Confidentiality, And IP Protection

Security and IP protection are at the forefront of QAonCloud’s plans. As QAonCloud performs black box and user-level testing, complete code security and ensuring integrity at all times.

All IP rights remain with your business. Every QAonCloud employee signs an NDA and has access to your software only from secure office environments.

#4. Dedicated QA Team

A dedicated testing team will monitor your business to ensure a consistent experience throughout the project cycle. Every tester of QAonCloud undergoes a rigorous training process before we assign them to your business.

Our team of testers possess all the necessary qualities of the best software tester and are trained on the latest technologies and tools so they can add maximum value to your product.

But that’s not all! 

Each project is lead by a delivery manager, who is the single point of contact for all your needs.

#5. Flexible Team Size

Since QAonCloud can act either as an independent QA team or as an extension on your side. Hence, you have complete flexibility to up-size or downsize the team based on your requirements and schedule.

#6. Shortest Lead Time

The team works across multiple platforms on your schedule. It includes fast onboarding, to make sure you meet deadlines, and the project is on the table at all times.

#7. Genuine Global Clientele

QAonCloud is consistently delivering superior results and quick turnaround times. Our diverse clientele comprises businesses of all sizes with engagement timelines ranging from 4 months to 4+ years.

Here are just some of the case studies on the projects that QAonCloud has successfully worked on over the years.

QAonCloud has consistently delivered results while ensuring the fastest on-boarding, guaranteed cost reduction, and improved product performance.

Therefore, If you’re looking for a genuinely global QA testing company that you can count on,  get in touch so QAonCloud can partner with you to build products that can take your business to the next level.

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